Federal Judge Rules That Women Should Control Their Own Contraception And Other People Should Pay For It

I wonder if the Washington Post Editorial Board, which was super enthused to roll back presidential powers delegated from Congress, will be upset with this ruling

Trump birth control coverage rules blocked nationwide

A federal judge on Monday put a nationwide hold on Trump administration rules that allow more employers to opt out of providing women with no-cost birth control.

U.S. District Judge Wendy Beetlestone in Philadelphia agreed with a lawsuit originally filed by Pennsylvania, citing the potential harm to states should the rules be enforced.

Numerous citizens could lose contraceptive coverage, Beetlestone wrote, resulting in the increased use of state-funded contraceptive services, as well as increased costs to state services from unintended pregnancies.

The rules, scheduled to take effect Monday, would change a mandate under 2010’s Affordable Care Act by allowing more employers, including publicly traded companies, to opt out of providing no-cost contraceptive coverage to women by claiming religious objections. Some private employers could also now object on moral grounds.

The ruling was initially applicable to only the states involved in the lawsuit, but was extended to all. The thing is, as has been noted many times, said ACA, ie, Obamacare, did not offer any guidance at all on contraception, sterilization, nor abortifacients. Go find a copy of the bill, and search for the word contraception or for “birth control”, or anything similar. There is nothing in the text. The rule was made out of thin air using what Team Obama and HHS thought they could get away with. This is exactly what the Washington Post Editorial Board was complaining about.

Pennsylvania’s attorney general, Josh Shapiro, called the court ruling a “victory for the health and economic independence of women” and the rejection of a Trump administration move to violate a federal law that requires insurers to cover the services.

“Congress hasn’t changed that law, and the president can’t simply ignore it with an illegal rule,” Shapiro said.

There is no law for Congress to change, as, again, it wasn’t in the law. It’s a rule. Out of thin air.

That’s the new North Carolina Attorney General. And, yes, if women want to make all the rules, they should pay for it. It doesn’t have to be this hard, though. If private entities want to offer insurance that includes contraception, they should be free to do so, and if they want to offer plans without, they should be free to do so. Just like they are free to offer dental and eye care plans. To choose this and that. Most, I suspect, will choose plans with contraception. The employees will just pay higher premiums and/or deductibles. Because this ain’t free. Everything added into an insurance plan has a cost.

And those who do not choose to offer should be left alone. That’s their choice. But, Democrats do not like real choice. It is their way or the highway, and their way is about Government force.

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13 Responses to “Federal Judge Rules That Women Should Control Their Own Contraception And Other People Should Pay For It”

  1. Jethro says:

    You should be delighted. This action will reduce the number of abortions.

  2. Professor hale says:

    This will certainly reduce the number of “brown people”. Margaret Sanger would be proud. If it weren’t for importing them from other countries, we would already have a negative replacement rate for that population, just like White people all over the world. But it’s not racist when Democrats practice genocide.

    • Jethro says:

      Contraception in the US is genocide?

      Are women forced to use contraception?

      • david7134 says:

        Black organizations in the late 60s and early 70s described birth control as an effort to commit genocide against them. Again you show your ignorance, your inability to learn is stupidity.

  3. Kye says:

    Jethro, would you be “delighted” if a judge decided that owning a firearm is a right and you should be forced to pay for a new weapon every month for people who want firearms? I mean, since the ownership of arms is actually spelled out in the Constitution and contraception isn’t it would seem to me that buying citizens guns is a lot more legitimate than buying people birth control.

    It’s like all this transsexual crap. I don’t care if Johnny wants to cut off his willie and call himself petunia as long as I’m not forced to pay for it. That seems quite fair to me.

    • david7134 says:

      People with transgender are sick as defined by the medical literature, but people are getting fired and vilified because they don’t go along with the insanity of going along with the delusions of these sick people. It seems the country is coming apart.

      • Jethro says:

        It seems the country is coming apart.

        Agreed, but not because of transgendered folks.

      • StillAlive says:

        It seems the country is coming apart.

        In a nutshell this is the gospel. The country is coming apart. Decades of subversion by external forces. Communist, La Raza, Muslim. Many forces have torn the fabric of American to shreds. Not to fear it is happening in Europe as well. The EU is on the verge of collapse.

        I personally believe the United States is on the verge of collapse as well.

        • Professor Hale says:

          It took Rome 500 years to collapse. Byzantium held out for another thousand years of constant decay, decadence and corruption. It is just another form of arrogance to believe that everything will go to heck in your own lifetime. Though, the Soviet Union did collapse pretty fast and the recovery of those countries has been hard on many people.

    • Jethro says:

      I guess if guns were part of your medical insurance, sure, why not? But seriously, can you think of good medical reason to include firearms as part of your policy?

      Contraceptives are used to prevent unwanted pregnancies, allowing women to have sex without worrying about having babies they are not ready to spawn. Widespread availability of contraceptives reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and hence, abortions. Shouldn’t women be able to decide when they’re ready to be mothers?

      What is the conservative “reasoning” for not including contraceptives in insurance policies? A Christian objection by employers that contraception is contrary to their god’s intentions?

      You don’t want a couple pennies of your taxes going to pay for contraceptives via Medicaid? You pay more for Trump family vacations. Is it really about the money?

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