Popularity Of Green New Deal Totally Enthusing Warmists That They Are No Longer Irrelevant

They are super excited!

The Green New Deal’s Sudden Popularity Is A Reason For Climate Change Optimism

There were several moments in 2018 when it was difficult to remain hopeful for any sort of meaningful action on climate change. The Trump administration has worked tirelessly to impede a transition to a green economy with actions ranging from opening the long-protected Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling, to implementing tariffs on imported solar panels, to the president’s own denial that humans are causing unprecedented warming ― despite his own government’s comprehensive report stating the opposite.

Given the severity of the challenge we now face, it would be easy to see 2018 as an irreversible step backward, the sealing of our already grim fate. Yet despite all this, 2018’s midterm elections showed that politicians do have a path forward with American voters when it comes to comprehensive action on climate. The message, as it turns out, isn’t any sort of brilliant political calculus either. It’s a return to kitchen-table issues: jobs and economic opportunity. (snip)

The Green New Deal is a unifying political message that gets back to the basics of creating an economy that works for all people and protects the planet as a result. In fact, a recent poll by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and George Mason University showed that a staggering 93 percent of Democrats and 64 percent of Republicans agree with the basic components of the Green New Deal (our own poll data from earlier this year echoed those findings, showing the American public’s overwhelming preference for renewables over fossil fuels). The only other thing that gets such a high level of bipartisan agreement is that Democrats and Republicans can’t agree on basic facts.

It’s now important that we take advantage of this consensus, and fast. The 2018 midterm election should be a clear lesson for the still-forming roster of 2020 presidential contenders: What Americans crave the most is a government that works for the people, not just some of the people. Americans, first and foremost, want their basic needs met and candidates who are willing to listen to their concerns and then work to address them in Washington.

Well, good luck with that. First, Democrats have long given up on economic opportunity, and not just via the free market, for the middle and lower income classes. They are happy to patronize these people when elections come around, but, really, most of their policies do not help. The rest simply make the middle and lower classes reliant on government.

Second, the minute people, even most of the casual believers in anthropogenic climate change, learn how much this will cost them out of their own pockets, how much their taxes and fees will go up, how much energy, clothing, food, housing, etc, will rise, and how much power government will not have over their lives, the minute that happens most will abandon this idiocy.

We should probably thank AOC and the other Democrats for pushing this, because it may well put a nail in the man-caused climate change scam, exposing it as the fascist big government push it really is.

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One Response to “Popularity Of Green New Deal Totally Enthusing Warmists That They Are No Longer Irrelevant”

  1. Jethro says:

    Although polls show that the majority of Americans agree with the New Green Deal tenets, Dems can’t make much progress until they take the Senate and the White House in 2020.

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