Open Borders Dems Consider Suing Trump If He Declares National Emergency On Border

We keep being told that Democrats are not in favor of open borders, but they keep offering policies like using drones and cameras so we can watch illegals cross the border rather than a barrier to stop them, and threatening stuff like this

Dems eye lawsuit if Trump declares border emergency

Democrats are eyeing a lawsuit challenging President Trump if he attempts to circumvent Congress and declare a national emergency to build a border wall.

The legal strategy remains in the theoretical stages, since Trump has so far declined to take such a step — and it’s unclear if he ever will.

But on day 21 of the partial government shutdown — a closure prompted by an impasse over border wall funding — Democrats are prepping for the possibility that Trump will try to sidestep Congress and divert other funds to new wall construction by proclaiming the situation a formal emergency.

Increasingly, Democratic critics of that maneuver view a lawsuit as their best recourse.

“Let’s fight it out in court,” said Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), a former law professor who represents a suburban district around Washington.

“Let’s get the president’s obsession out of the legislative context, let’s put it into the courts, let’s reopen the government, and we’ll see if he has those powers or not,” Raskin added.

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.), who also represents a Washington suburb that’s been disproportionately affected by the shutdown, said it’s “a safe bet” that any emergency proclamation from the White House on the wall would go to the courts.

“I think it is a face-saving — a rather desperate face-saving — measure by the president that has very little intellectual underpinning to justify it,” Connolly said.

Well, this might be interesting from a legal standpoint, as Congress pass the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which President Bush signed, which calls for 700 miles of double layer fencing to be built, for which there is not much more than 5% built. Congress refused to fund it when Democrats took over the House, and failed to do anything since. Certainly Barack Obama had little interest in building it.

That double layer wall could be more than Trump is asking for, and a federal suit by Democrats could have a judge saying “Congress passed the law, why are you not funding it?”

And maybe it would stop most of

Those kinds of things go on and on and on. This is what Democrats want to keep allowing.

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2 Responses to “Open Borders Dems Consider Suing Trump If He Declares National Emergency On Border”

  1. MrDeLaGarzenzo says:

    CNN reaches out to KUSI in San Diego for an analysis of the wall in their sector. Specifially they wanted to know if it was working, causing problems and causing local residents distress and discomfort.

    The report given by KUSI was that the wall in fact was very effective, was not considered a problem by locals and in fact the locals felt more safe with the wall in place.

    CNN refused to air their reports and ignored them further after they did not get what they wanted. In fairness to CNN they have lost their minds because Trump specifically pointed at them Repeatedly during the campaign as fake news. They bit. The more he pointe his finger the more they put out more and more fake news now to the point their ratings are abysmal. Even leftists have quit watching the program.

    the wall Works. Ask Jim Acosta. Unfortunately for the Democrats they have thrown all their eggs in the mass influx of illegals and are hoping for amnesty of millions and millions of democratic voters ensuring them of the house and senate from now until eternity.

    As a result Trump needs to fill Ginsbergs appointment with the most far right judge he can find. Because the first thing the Democrats are going to do is pack the supreme court once they are in power. So if it is 6-3 in favor of the GOP they will add 4 justices to make it 7-6 in favor of liberals.

    The wall works. Thirty years ago I was near the border of south Texas hunting wild boar from a lodge. The lodge would board up tight during the night. We were told that the illegals would swarm across the land heading north. For the most part they were not thugs back then. Just people looking for a new life. The lodge laid out metal 5 gallon jugs of water chained to poles so they weren’t stolen to give them water. Food was provided each night on a high platform to keep it away from wild boars.

    The next day the food was gone, the water was gone, the people were gone. It was a trade off the lodges leader explained to us. Feed them, water them, give them a break from the desert and the guides would leave his property alone. And so he did and then came the cartels and the traffickers and the lodge shut down. The property is now nearly deserted because two-three cows a night are killed and eaten. Thats a 1000 cows per year.

    I keep in touch with the man who no longer even lives on his property. It is a corridor. His only hope of reclaiming his land is a border wall.

    The responsibility of America is to keep Americans safe. The democrats have rejected this fundamental principal of the US government in favor of keeping the illegals flowing and protected and American citizens be damned. It is why Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and PA voted for Trump. Their jobs are being destroyed while the democrats(Their Champions) claim oh we will fix your problmes, just give us another 100 years and we will get to it.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    There is no doubt that there is an activist judge already selected to issue an injunction that is already written. Just need to fill in the date at the top.

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