Individual Responses Are Immaterial In Fight Against ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Quite often, when you get in a discussion with a Warmist, they’ll blow off the question asking them what they are doing in their own lives, saying that we all need to do something, by which they mean government has to force everyone to comply. Things like this

Focusing on how individuals can stop climate change is very convenient for corporations
Sure, it’s morally good to reduce your footprint–but don’t let that deflect attention from who is really to blame.

What can be done to limit global warming to 1.5°C? A quick internet search offers a deluge of advice on how individuals can change their behavior. Take public transport instead of the car or, for longer journeys, the train rather than fly. Eat less meat and more vegetables, pulses and grains, and don’t forget to turn off the light when leaving a room or the water when shampooing. The implication here is that the impetus for addressing climate change is on individual consumers.

But can and should it really be the responsibility of individuals to limit global warming? On the face of it, we all contribute to global warming through the cumulative impact of our actions.

By changing consumption patterns on a large scale we might be able to influence companies to change their production patterns to more sustainable methods. Some experts have argued that everyone (or at least those who can afford it) has a responsibility to limit global warming, even if each individual action is insufficient in itself to make a difference.

I like the part about “those who can afford it.”

Yet there are at least two reasons why making it the duty of individuals to limit global warming is wrong.


Climate change is a planetary-scale threat and, as such, requires planetary-scale reforms that can only be implemented by the world’s governments. Individuals can at most be responsible for their own behavior, but governments have the power to implement legislation that compels industries and individuals to act sustainably.

Although the power of consumers is strong, it pales in comparison to that of international corporations, and only governments have the power to keep these interests in check.

(Lots more to this you should read)


Rather than rely on appeals to individual virtue, what can be done to hold governments and industries accountable?

Governments have the power to enact legislation that could regulate industries to remain within sustainable emission limits and adhere to environmental protection standards. Companies should be compelled to purchase emissions rights–the profits from which can be used to aid climate-vulnerable communities.

(and lots more of this you need to read)

So, it is the companies which provide products and services people want and use who are at blame, not the people want those products and services. And only Government can stop this by force of legislation.

Funny how it always comes down to government force.

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One Response to “Individual Responses Are Immaterial In Fight Against ‘Climate Change’ Or Something”

  1. StillAlive says:

    Half of the US is being pummeled by yet another Polar Vortex. Polar Vortex’s are the result of the Jet Stream being pushed farther south bringing intense cold air from the north Pole as well as the Jet stream itself brings humidity from the oceans. Its what Jet Streams do. Most of the weather on the planet is controlled basically by the jet streams and the NA conveyor belt.

    What pushes the jet streams around? That would be the magnetosphere of the earth. Right now the Sun is in cycle 24 at solar MAXIMUM which means it should be active with lots of solar flares and a strong magnetic influence on our own magnetosphere.

    It is quiet. Dead quiet. The four zones of magnetic flux within the sun are all out of phase many surmise this might be the reason why sunspots go dormant for years as the sun works to restore its own magnetic balance.

    When the sunspots quit working the earth’s magnetic field weakens making us more susceptible to cosmic rays, cancer and an ever moving jet stream and weather changes.

    The results of the coming mini-ice age is going to be food shortages primarily. Unless of course Alexandria OCCASSIONALY USED CORTEX has her way using her single healthy brain cell to destroy the United States ability to produce energy which will lead to unspeakable problems beyond food shortages.

    Spam, tuna, Canned Ham, White Rice, spaghetti noodles, canned foods of many types kept in a cool and dry place will last many years. MRE’s purchased directly from companies that sell them keep them stored in cool warehouses, most usually 60 degrees. The shelf life of such MRE’s is 83 months stored at 70 degress F and can last easily up to 100 months if kept at 60 degrees.

    The dangers of dehydrated food is the need for water to rehydrate the food. A basement full of water must ensure a basement full of stored properly in proper containers of water just to rehydrate your food. Additionally Food in #10 cans only offer about 150-250 calories per servings where an MRE offers about 1200-1500 calories per day. One can subsist on one MRE per day and a helping of dehydrated fruit or veggies.

    A radio. A small solar powered device capable of recharging rechargeable batteries, phone chargers etc. is always a good thing as well as a heat source. MRE’s come with their own chemical reaction devices to heat your meal with only 1-2 tbsps. of water needed to activate the reaction.

    I could go on and on. Again I do not work for any preparedness company much of this food can be purchased weekly or monthly for about 50 dollars per month. YOu have about 2 years possibly 3 before the food shortages see rationing similar to what happened during WW2. They will only become worse.

    AOC and her Green New Deal is coming at the absolutely worst time in the lives of people on this planet. The USA has become a net exporter of energy. Take us out of the occasion and millions if not a billion plus will die.

    PREPARE. You can always eat your food and keep it rotated and it essentially is not something that is bankrupting your families budget.

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