Washington Governor Jay Inslee Is Running For President Because ‘Climate Change’

Democrats now have another old, white person running for the nomination. As a governor, he might have a better chance than the rest of the yahoos expected to run, being Senators, but, not with this climahysteric platform

Jay Inslee Is Running for President
The Washington governor has a single-minded focus: pulling the country back from the climate-change brink.

What if a meteor were hurtling toward the Earth, about to kill millions and reshape life on the planet as we know it?

And what if the president, instead of doing anything to help, made it worse in just about every way, and called it a hoax (and any solutions a scam) instead of the very real, very clear disaster taking shape?

And what if all the Democrats running to beat him in the next election went on and on about how concerned they were and how it’s our most pressing problem—but none had ever done much more than talk about the problem, and for the most part only started doing that in just the past few years?

That’s where Jay Inslee thinks America is when it comes to climate change. And that’s why he’s going to run for president.

“When you’ve been working on something for over a decade, and now seeing people awakening to that, it’s just really gratifying and heartening,” the Washington governor recently told me, sitting in his private study on the top floor of the governor’s mansion. When it comes to climate change, there now appears to be “an appetite for someone who has credibility and a long track record and, most importantly, a vision statement. It’s changed to show an opening in a Democratic primary, I believe.”

His own state has rejected a carbon tax multiple times, including during the 2018 elections. Even the left leaning people in Washington are only interested in Doing Something in theory, not in the real world.

If there is a new Democratic president come 2021, he or she will get pulled in all sorts of policy directions. Inslee says he has one priority: global warming. It’s not theoretical, or a cause just for tree huggers anymore. Putting off dealing with it for a year or two or kicking it to some new bipartisan commission won’t work, he says. He plans to focus on the threat that climate change poses to the environment and national security—the mega-storms and fires causing millions in damages, the weather changes that will cause mass migrations, the droughts that will devastate farmers in America and around the world.

I actually look forward to Jay running on this platform, as it will highlight just how much people do not really care. They say they care, but, as we all know, whenever a poll is held on the Things That Voters Care About, ‘climate change’ comes in last or next to last. Seriously, what will Jay campaign on? Raising your taxes? Increasing your cost of living via ‘climate change’ taxes, fees, and other other measures? Reducing the availability of reliable, affordable energy? Jacking up the price of gasoline? Jacking up the price of homes? Forcing people to give up their liberty and choice? All while he runs around the country campaigning in fossil fueled vehicles? Good luck with that.

Perhaps Jay should look at the riots in France.

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3 Responses to “Washington Governor Jay Inslee Is Running For President Because ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Jl says:

    We’ve been on “the brink” for a long time now. Send your tax money in, though, and we’ll be off the brink

  2. Dana says:

    At least he’s honest enough to run on raising everybody’s taxes!

  3. sigmadog says:

    We’ve been suffering under Inslee’s governorship here in Washington state for a while now, and as much as I’d love to hand him off to others to deal with, there’s no one I hate enough to wish him upon.

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