Inevitable: CNN Links Migrant Caravan To ‘Climate Change’

You can bet that someone at CNN said “say, has anyone linked the migrant caravan to Other People’s carbon pollution yet, and, if not, why not?” Forgetting that CNN is in Atlanta, which gets the majority of its power from nuclear, coal, and natural gas. And that CNN uses vast amounts of energy for its news operations, as well as vast amounts of fossil fuels to gather the news from around the nation and the world

From the link

Overlooked is this factor: climate change.

The “dry corridor” of Central America, which includes parts of Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua, has been hit with an unusual drought for the last five years. Crops are failing. Starvation is lurking. More than two million people in the region are at risk for hunger, according to an August report from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

“Under normal circumstances, without any change in rain patterns, people are already struggling,” said Edwin Castellanos, dean of research at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala and a global authority on climate change in Central America. “In some of these dry areas, we have seen events of children actually dying out of hunger. So, it is that extreme.” (snip)

Studies have not definitively tied this particular drought to climate change, but computer models show droughts like the one happening now are becoming more common as the world warms.

So, in other words, it’s all bullshit. Could climatic changes be causing problems, or is it simply the short term weather, which does things all the time? Remember, we were told about all sorts of “permanent droughts” in areas around the world, then, a few years later we are being told about “permanent flooding” in the exact same areas. Weather is dynamic, and patterns can last for years.

Nor is there proof that ‘climate change’ is mostly/solely caused by Mankind. And correlation is not causation. Regardless, when will CNN give up their own massive carbon footprint? Paying for a few trees doesn’t cover it.

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