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Merry Christmas! (sticky for the day)

Merry Christmas to all my readers and their families. Hope it is a wonderful day full of love and friendship. And some new pinups!

How Did “Silent Night” Become Such A Christmas Classic?

I like the song. It’s catchy, it’s not overblown, I haven’t heard a “today’s hot music” artist ruin in. It tends not to play on most business music systems, so you aren’t overloaded by listening to it again and again and again. How about you? Do you like it? (I also have an ulterior motive […]

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Clause

Every Christmas, once everyone is up, Christmas greetings were made, hugs were exchanged, the presents were opened, and breakfast was being made, I would read this first in the paper (ye olde parental units get an actual paper, and they live in NJ). It is a Christmas classic that has always touched my soul. While […]

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