Brazil Cancels Hosting Of 2019 UN IPCC Climate Change Conference

This is being positioned as a cost saving solution, but, it certainly seems as much to be about the new leadership saying they won’t be part of this silly cult

Brazil cancels hosting climate change summit

Brazil has pulled out of hosting next year’s United Nations global summit meeting on climate change, the latest signal that Latin America’s largest nation no longer aspires to be an influential player in efforts to mitigate the effects of a warming planet.

The decision leaves the United Nations scrambling to find a new venue for the conference, which was scheduled to take place next November. It comes about a month before the inauguration of President-elect Jair Bolsonaro, who has vowed to empower commercial ventures in the Amazon and other Brazilian biomes while weakening enforcement of environmental laws.

Bolsonaro’s incoming foreign minister, Ernesto Araujo, a career diplomat, has called the movement to reduce global warming a plot by “Marxists” to stifle the economic growth of capitalist democracies while lifting China.

Brazil in 2009 set ambitious goals to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and took drastic steps to rein in deforestation in the Amazon. Those initiatives were met with international acclaim and positioned Brazil as one of the most consequential and engaged nations in the effort to reduce climate change.

In a statement, Brazil’s Foreign Ministry said the decision was made to save money. It also cited the “transition process” as Bolsonaro prepares to take office.

As Eric Worrell notes

In my opinion Brazil’s very public snub of the United Nations climate cabal sends a strong message that the Bolsonaro government’s priority is attracting investment and maximising economic growth.

Becoming a world leading economic power provides hope and opportunities to the poor. Being an “environment leader” not so much.

I think Bolsonaro is way off in terms of it being a plot to stifle economic growth by Marxists to lift China. It certainly is a plot by global elites to tax people and put them more under the thumb of government while controlling more and more of economies.

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4 Responses to “Brazil Cancels Hosting Of 2019 UN IPCC Climate Change Conference”

  1. formwiz says:

    When your leading industry is seeing how naked the Carnaval dancers can get, a buzzkill like global warming is definitely not working.

  2. This doesn’t make much sense. Brazil always stood to gain a huge windfall from the sale of rainforest credits. And as a developing country, they were never going to be held accountable for reducing their own carbon generation.

  3. StillAlive says:

    Good news AGW fans.

    Weather in the Canary Islands in December 2018 average December Temperature is 19c.

    It snowed in The Canary islands in November. Yes it snows a bit in March and April but never in NOVEMBER. Pretty soon The canary islands will turn into a ski destination.

    Saudi Arabia hit by mass FLOODING as ‘apocalyptic’ storm sweeps desert
    FLOODS have swept across the Middle East as record-breaking rainfail and an ice blast has alarmed several Arab countries.

    Sun’s Current Solar Activity Cycle Is Weakest in a Century

    Why is that important? Because our sun is currently not at a minimum but at its MAXIMUM. This is how sunspots work. With each cycle and we are now currently in sunspot cycle 24 they continue to grow weaker and weaker until the years 2025-2030 the Grand Solar minimum is going to happen. This is when the Earth will most likely enter a Maunder Maximum and the temperature of the earth will drop ONLY JUST A COUPLE DEGREES C.

    Now why is a couple of degrees significant? Because the AGW crowd tells us that if the temperature goes up a couple degrees C the earth is toast. So what happens if the Earths temperature goes down a couple degrees?

    Yeah, it is right their with the last mini-ice age in which snows covered half of the northern hemisphere for over a century. Now the biggest claim is that AGW will prevent this from happening. I hope they are right because this will be catastrophic for mankind. Probably billion people will die of starvation as well as another 1 billion will be displaced from the northern Latitudes. You know like all of Scandinavia, CANADA, Russia, China.

    If your not preparing. You need to. It is another disasterous reason why the UN passing a HUMAN RIGHT to immigrate to any country and you cant stop them dictate is gigantic. People are already positioning themselves around the globe to infiltrate nations most able to sustain themselves in the next mini-ice age.

  4. StillAlive says:

    If you have been reading my reporting here on the Mini-ice age you will recall that the physicist was asked to guess on what will happen in 2025-2030 and she who is an expert on the sun said that I don’t know the temperature will drop a couple degrees. Then The AGW crowd was all over her, discrediting her and claiming she was a denier shill when in fact she is simply reporting her observations and comparing those to historical observations.

    IN fact almost every physicist involved with the sun is predicting a decline in temperatures over the next 15 years as a result of the weakest sun in the last 400 years. Its a no brainer. 130 molecules of co2 vs a million times larger than our planet sun which heats us up like a kettle of steam or cools us like an ice tray.

    The fear is that sometime during this event there will be several eruptions of volcanoes further putting cooling areosols into the atmosphere and the results will then be catastrophic. This is how they surmise the current ice age began. Yes we are still in a full on ice age and will be for at least another 75 to 100 thousand years because of the milankovich cycles of the earth revolving around the sun.

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