More Detail On NY’s Proposal For Social Media And Internet Searches For Gun Ownership

You remember the reports of the State of New York considering searching social media and Internet searches for gun permits? Well, here’s a bit more

New legislation calls for social media search before pistol permit in NY

New legislation submitted in the State Senate would require social media checks before someone could get their pistol permit.

We’ve been told for years to keep passwords private. If you’re trying to get a pistol permit in the future…that may change.

According to a new bill in the New York State Senate, pistol permit applicants would have to give up their social media usernames and passwords to allow government officials to search for posts that “cause concern”.

I’d like to say that something as intrusive as this would be killed quickly by a federal judge, but, nowadays, you never knew what a judge will do. But you know there will be a lawsuit filed about 2 minutes after the Governor of NY signs it, provided it passes as such.

How long are you supposed to give up your passwords and private information for? Do they check in on it periodically? Are they now monitoring you?

“The judge who grants or denies a permit has fairly broad digression under New York State law. And it has to have a rational bases. So they can’t say they don’t like your gender or your race,” said Sheldon Boyce, an attorney with Brenna Boyce PLLC. (snip)

A main issue with this bill, is it does not clearly define what is “concerning”  or if each individual judge (or county sheriff-) could rule what they believe is “concerning or not”.

Of course, Democrats think anything said by a Conservative is “concerning”, so you can bet permits would be denied at a high level. This would be a complete invasion of privacy and infringement on our 2nd Amendment Rights, along with others.

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