Kamala Harris Is Super Excited For More Gun Control

I wonder if she can explain how it’s working in California?

Democrat Kamala Harris: Time for Congress to Pass More Gun Control

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) tweeted Sunday to claim no one is immune from gun violence and it is time for Congress to pass more gun laws.

Harris referenced Parkland, the site of the February 14 attack that killed 17 innocents, Chicago, the city of relentless violence and death, and Los Angeles, where 14 people were recently killed in an attack at the Borderline Bar & Grill.

Harris did not mention that Parkland was a gun-free zone, that Chicago has long been an experiment in gun control, and that the Borderline Bar & Grill is a state-mandated gun-free business.

She tweeted:

Ironically, Harris did not name a specific law that Congress should pass. But if we use the example of Los Angeles alone, it is hard to name a gun control that does not already exist.

For example, California has universal background checks, firearm registration laws, red flag laws, a requirement that would-be gun buyers first get a certificate of safety from the state, a ten-day waiting period for gun purchases, an “assault weapons” ban, a one-handgun-a-month purchase limit, a “good cause” qualification for concealed carry permit issuance, a ban on campus carry, a ban on carrying guns in places that serve alcohol for consumption, and controls for ammunition purchases.

Additionally, Los Angeles has a citywide ban on “high-capacity” magazines.

She literally has zero policy positions on either her older Kamala Harris for Senate page nor her official Senate page, so, we can’t figure out what she wants from there. The Democratic Party platform says

With 33,000 Americans dying every year, Democrats believe that we must finally take sensible action to address gun violence. While responsible gun ownership is part of the fabric of many communities, too many families in America have suffered from gun violence. We can respect the rights of responsible gun owners while keeping our communities safe. To build on the success of the lifesaving Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, we will expand and strengthen background checks and close dangerous loopholes in our current laws; repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) to revoke the dangerous legal immunity protections gun makers and sellers now enjoy; and keep weapons of war—such as assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines (LCAM’s)—off our streets. We will fight back against attempts to make it harder for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to revoke federal licenses from law breaking gun dealers, and ensure guns do not fall into the hands of terrorists, intimate partner abusers, other violent criminals, and those with severe mental health issues. There is insufficient research on effective gun prevention policies, which is why the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention must have the resources it needs to study gun violence as a public health issue.

What part of that would have stopped those shootings? Despite all the massive gun laws in California, it didn’t stop the Thousand Oaks shooter. In fact, they didn’t use the Red Flag laws available. They do want to put gun shops and gun makers out of business through lawsuits, which would make it difficult for law abiding citizens to get a hold of weapons for protection. Heck, even for hunting and sport shooting.

So, what does Kamala want Congress to do? She won’t say.

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8 Responses to “Kamala Harris Is Super Excited For More Gun Control”

  1. Jethro says:

    Senator Harris tweeted: No matter what community you live in, from Parkland to Chicago to South Los Angeles, no one is immune from the gun violence epidemic. There have been too many tragedies. We need Congress to act.

    There’s no question the US has a violence problem, especially by the public shooting of innocents by domestic terrorists. When will the American populace reach the point of being terrified to attend schools, concerts, shopping malls, hospitals, work, church or parks?

    Senator Harris did not propose what Congress should do, leaving it open to all ideas.

    • formwiz says:

      Granstanding for something to make people forget how she made an ass of herself at Brother Bret’s confirmation hearing.

      You want to end the violence? Try undoing all the damage of the 60s when criminals were given all the rights and the Lefties forced the closure of the mental institutions.

    • gitarcarver says:

      Domestic terrorism from the left about which there is silence from the left.


      All the left has is hate.

    • Mangoldielocks says:

      Senator Harris did not propose what Congress should do, leaving it open to all ideas.

      Exactly. She is running for PREZ. Dont want to give any ideas that might work. Saul Alinsky…dont tell them what you would do, ask them what they would do and then force them to defend their ideas. That is what happened with Obamacare. Obama got an idea, the left voted it into law and then they had to defend it and they got shellacked in the 2010 elections.

      Now fast forward to 2018 elections. The GOP got control. They tried to fix Obama care and could not. They failed. They were then in a position to have to defend what they could not accomplish, by one vote. McCain. The great John McCain voted down a solution to Obamacare and the right was stuck trying to defend their failure and attempted fix.

      The one thing about trump is that he says he will do X and he does X. The rest of these sleaze bags all say nothing, do nothing and hang around with other nothings sharing the wealth while banging everything in site because we all know power corrupts.

      In short Harris has a long record to defend once she starts campaigning. Its a record that will be used against her by the left in the primaries. She broke the golden rule. She did nothing in the face of needing to do something. That will be highly favorable in California, but not in 40 other states when primaries roll around.

      Rule number one for politicians. Pander to your base and hope the other guys/gals are worse than you when it comes time to count the votes.

  2. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Okay kids, the word for the day is:


    -a politician’s appointment of his steady girlfriend, frequent companion, and main squeeze to a lucrative government position requiring little work.



    • Jethro says:

      Are you picking on Ivanka again??

      • formwiz says:

        Jeffery once again shows why he was turned down as a counselor at the Psychotic Friends Hotline.

        But he’s also a little late phoning in his Talking Point of the Day to get his $15/hr. All the other village idiots hit it this morning.

  3. david7134 says:

    Rather than harp on guns, why not aim at a better solution? We already know that blacks are more prone to violence by a factor of 700%. So if we are to violate our Constitutional protections, why not limit the abuse to just not allowing blacks to own guns. If you take out this one demographic then the US becomes one of the safest countries on earth. Now we all are aware that you are one of the worst racist this comment section has seen, so this would not be a problem for you. And since you have no issue with tearing apart our rights, then you would readily go with this solution. Now you will deflect by calling names saying something stupid about white collar crime or the fact they might need or desire the guns, but you are happy with ignoring these concerns with your attitude on restrictions.

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