Trumpy Bear Is Actually Masking Something Nefarious Or Something

Have you seen this one yet?

It’s a cute bear. With a combover. And a blankie! And it is real! And it has far left outlet writer Jeet Heer melting down

(New Republic) Like the Teddy Bear, the Trumpy Bear uses cuteness to mask something terrible.

Some television viewers were taken aback by an ad running on Fox News and other stations showing a stuffed bear coiffed like President Donald Trump.

By “some viewers”, Jeet means the liberals who tuned in to monitor Fox having typical meltdowns

At the request of readers, the fact-check site verified that the Trumpy Bear is not a satire, but a genuine stuffed toy being as a comfort doll to Trump fans. In a statement, Fox News said the ad “was a local ad purchase with the cable operator. We do not do business with them nationally.”

Exceptional Products, the toymaker, issued a “vision statement” from V.L. Lange, the designer of Trump Bear. “In 1902 the teddy bear was born and named after President Teddy Roosevelt,” Lange said. “When President Donald Trump was elected to office as the first non-politician president, I felt it was time to name an American fearless grizzly bear after our new Commander in Chief.” (snip)

Like its ancestor, the Trumpy Bear becomes more sinister if you understand its origins. The ad begins on an ominous note. “A storm is coming,” a husky voice says. “You cannot defeat the storm. I am the storm.”

What does a storm have to do with stuffed bears? The answer is disturbing. Those words are the slogan used by QAnon conspiracy theorists, who believe Trump is a heroic figure fighting a secret network of pedophiles that control Hollywood, the Democratic Party, and the so-called Deep State. The Trump Bear is the cuddly avatar for one of the most unhinged factions of American political life.

Did Jeet just happen to know this, or did this gamma male pajama boy Democrat supporter actually do research on a stuffed bear, looking for something Evil? It most likely has zero to do with QAnon (which, like the creation of the OK “white power” symbol, is pretty much trolling the media), but, Trump’s own words, as we see from the link above

“You guys know what this represents?” Trump said, gesturing to the uniforms. “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.”

But it’s a stuffed bear, guys. A stuffed bear. Only in Liberal World would this bring an article on nefarious plots. Which are nothing compared to the number of Democrats who said President George W Bush either let 9/11 happen or made it happen.

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