Obama Appointed Judge Halts Work On Keystone XL Over Obama’s Feelings

Once again we learn that the New Legal System has done away with the notion that elections have consequences and that things from the previous administration cannot be discarded

Judge tosses Trump’s Keystone XL approval over climate change

A federal judge ordered both the Trump administration and TransCanada to stop any work on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline on Thursday, saying President Donald Trump’s approval of the project last year violated several key environmental and administrative laws by ignoring facts about climate change.

Judge Brian Morris of the U.S. District Court for Montana ruled that the Trump administration almost completely ignored climate change in its analysis supporting the pipeline’s construction, a shift that unlawfully reversed the Obama administration’s 2015 decision rejecting the pipeline’s cross-border permit.

Morris, an Obama appointee, directed the Trump administration in his ruling to prepare a new environmental study before the pipeline can resume construction, leaving the door open to a renewed approval in the future.

“The [State] Department did not merely make a policy shift in its stance on the United States’ role on climate change. It simultaneously ignored” a critical part of the Obama administration’s stance on climate change and foreign relations, Morris concluded. Such a change would require a “reasoned explanation.”

Obama’s not president anymore. The O administration stance on Hotcoldwetdry is immaterial when it comes to law. In fact, the State Department under Mr. Obama found no environmental nor ‘climate change’ issues with Keystone XL.

“The Department instead simply discarded prior factual findings related to climate change to support its course reversal,” Morris added.

Those “findings” were political, not baked into law. So, they can be discarded. But, apparently, feelings are now considered “law.”

Judges want to be very careful with these types of reasoning’s, which we’ve also see with DACA and a few other Obama pet causes, because they can set a precedent whereby if a Democrat succeeds Trump, judges can say “you can’t reverse that, you can’t do that, because President Trump did something different, so, it’s settled.”

BTW, there are a bunch of other pipelines in construction right now: why are Warmists not worried about them?

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2 Responses to “Obama Appointed Judge Halts Work On Keystone XL Over Obama’s Feelings”

  1. UncleMax says:

    Uh, there is no worry about a precedent here. WHEN the Democrats get back in, they will no issue AT all with overturning Trump EO’s, much less ignoring any laws they deem unfit to be enforced. See, that boat sailed. The Democrats get to decide what they want to enforce and what to ignore. Federal Judges are ok with that. President Trump is being held to a standard of not only he CANNOT enforce standing law, but he cannot undo Obama EO’s because because.

    It’s bizarro world. That half the country is ok with this is worrisome.

  2. Mangoldielocks says:

    AND the LITIGATION BEGINS. The inks not dry and already nearly everything Trumps done for the country will be undone with litigation and obstruction.

    then when the economy tanks people like Jethro will blame Trump for being a terrible president.

    gotta love the Democrats playbook.

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