French Citizens Aren’t Particularly Happy To Be The Ones To Pay For ‘Climate Change’ Initiatives

Remember this oldy but goody about Obamacare?

“Of course, I want people to have health care,” Vinson said. “I just didn’t realize I would be the one who was going to pay for it personally.”

Same thing happens with Hotcoldwetdry stuff. People are more than happy when it is Someone Else paying the price. Not so much when it’s themselves

Macron refuses to back down on French fuel tax as protests loom

French President Emmanuel Macron said he would not back down from a hike in fuel tax, despite plans for nationwide protests this month and his personal popularity reaching a new low.

Drivers are planning blockades and go-slows across France on Nov. 17 to protest against higher fuel prices, which have increased by up to a third in the past year, making Macron’s claim to help hard-working people harder to defend.

In a bid to fight climate change, his government has voted increases in a carbon tax and decided in particular to ramp up the price of diesel, the most commonly used car fuel in France.

But the increases, decided in late 2017 at a time crude oil prices were hovering under $50 per barrel, have become more painful for consumers after oil surged to over $85 last month. The issue has helped drive Macron’s popularity to as low as 21 percent in a poll published last week.

The president, who has launched a seven-day tour of northeastern France, said he has no plan to back down.

“I prefer taxing fuel to taxing labor. People complaining about rising fuel prices are the same ones who complain about pollution and how their children suffer,” he told regional newspapers in the area, in an interview published on Monday.

I’m guessing Macron will be taking a bicycle or walking or something to the UN IPCC in Poland this year, right? It does go to show that even the very leftist French people have their limits on what they’re willing to pay for their own beliefs.

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3 Responses to “French Citizens Aren’t Particularly Happy To Be The Ones To Pay For ‘Climate Change’ Initiatives”

  1. Jl says:

    Don’t worry-because of a hike in taxes France won’t have anymore bad weather…

  2. formwiz says:

    Otherwise known as NIMBY.

  3. Mangoldielocks says:

    The United Nations has a compact for how immigrants should be handled worldwide. When you delve into it, it is basically written by open borders proponents who want mass immigration to western nations to dilute culture.

    They believe that one culture will end world wide strife, ignoring mans basic nature. We are all hunters or gatherers. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    The left are gatherers and thus they want stuff. Free stuff. The right is hunters. They get stuff and put it on the table and expect it to be divided fairly. When it is not they become a bit perturbed.

    This UN compact is now falling apart. Set to be renewed many nations are now voting against it when in 2007 it was approved almost universally by even our own Globalist government.

    Nationalist movements are sweeping the world now after being kept repressed by a massive outpouring of Political correctness and the Saul Alinsky playbook. Trump has showed the way.

    Today. Election day in NOvemenber is all about more than just America it is about the direction of the world. A vote for Democrats putting them back in power is a vote to suppress not just Americas voice as the leader of the resurging Nationalist pride in ones own country but in the resurging pride around the world.

    Even the French are awaking to this. The French Prime Minister has dismally low numbers in the midst of his anti-trump, pro-globalism approach to the world order and now the French people are sick and tired of paying for millions of dead beat illegals who have been forced into France by the new world order and told to pick up the slack.

    As Trump Said. I am a nationalist. The left. The new world order wants to paint that as something evil. The right and the anti-globalists understand what that means. It means pride in America, pride in your own peoples accomplishments and it means making ALL>>>ALLL>>>>>>ALLLLLLL Americans feel good about themselves by giving them good jobs, a good economy and building a strong nation where people are proud to be an American NOT a Hispanic living in America or a black living in America or a white man living in America.

    I am a nationalist and proud of it and all across the world including NOW FRANCE….populism is surging, and the old guard world order pols are being swept out of power.


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