Bummer: Schwarzenegger Says Warmists Doing Terrible Job Of Selling Their Cult, Er, Concerns

Why do we have to sell scientific truth in the first place? If the science was sound people could look and say “huh, I get it.”

Schwarzenegger to CNN’s Axelrod: Environmentalists doing a terrible job selling climate change concerns

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger slammed environmentalists for failing to “sell” concerns about climate change to the American people, and argued that individual states like California “cannot rely on the federal government” for environmental protections.

Schwarzenegger made the comments on “The Axe Files,” hosted by former Obama campaign chief strategist David Axelrod. The program originally launched as a podcast in 2015 that CNN turned into a weekly Saturday program in May 2017.

The “True Lies” and “Terminator” said environmentalists are not making the argument on the dangers of climate change in a way that resonates with the American people.

“Environmentalists have done a terrible job in selling this,” Schwarzenegger said. “Because the more they talk about global climate change, which no one understands what that is, they talk about what’s going to happen 20 years from now, and the sea level rising and the polar bear and all of these kind of things.”

“No one cares about that when you want to have a job and you want to bring food on the table today,” he continued. “But what people care about is if you say, ‘This is going to cause cancer. This is going to make your child have asthma early on.'”

“And as soon as they hear the health aspect of it, because that’s how we sold it to the people in California, this is the difference, it has to be sold the right way.”

First, they never really sold it to California’s, they simply passed legislation and told citizens to deal with it. Beyond that, Arnie is saying that what the Warmists have been doing is what he advocates: pimping the doom and gloom of something that may or may not happen based on something that may or may not be scientifically sound which relies upon politicized and manufactured data. All to scare people into giving up their money and freedom by elites who already have theirs and refuse to give it up.

“It’s crazy because we are polluting the world and it’s not just about global climate change, but it is the amount of people that it kills every day all over the world. Every year, seven million people die because of pollution, so if the responsibility of government is to protect people, then why would I let that happen?” he concluded.

Name one person who died from the atmospheric content of carbon dioxide.

Schwarzenegger was referring to a May 2018 report from the World Health Organization based on 2016 data that an estimated 7 million people face a premature death each year due to air pollution.

Said report was about real air pollution, not a trace gas necessary for life on Earth. But, Arnold has mixed his talking points to make it appear as if CO2 was the cause.

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