Wisconsin Teens Are Totally Taking Action On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Yes, they are. And by action, they mean to force their Beliefs on you, because that’s what their teachers are indoctrinating their mushy little heads with

Wisconsin Teens Take Action On Climate Change As Midterm Elections Approach

Issues like taxes and education have been dominating political ads and campaigns. But climate change is on many people’s minds, too, especially with a recent report that says climate change will soon have dire consequences if humans fail to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions. And a dozen teens in the Milwaukee area are stepping up to push for climate change action.

They’re part of a fellowship program created by the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE), which is designed to equip young people to become climate leaders.

Its curriculum teaches teens about climate science and how to advocate for climate policy and environmental protections to combat it. The students also learn how to communicate effectively about the polarizing issue.

Seriously, you didn’t think they would make changes in their own lives, did you? Give up their smartphones and tablets and smartwatches, which use vast amounts of energy and precious metals to mine, produce, ship, and use? Or mom driving them in her fossil fueled vehicle to school and play dates, because it’s hard to ride a bicycle when you have no muscle tone from spending all your time looking down at your phone, right? Or demanding that they can only use renewable energy, which would work spectacularly during the Wisconsin winter months, right? And wouldn’t want to give up their mass produced hoodies and jeans and yoga pants, shipped from far away in fossil fueled vehicles. Or any of the other trappings of modern life. That would be inconvenient.

But, they are happy to learn buzz phrases, talking points, and other things to screech out during protests and such, all to force their beliefs on Other People.

The group meets at Escuela Verde, a charter high school that makes its home in a repurposed factory above Milwaukee’s Menomonee Valley. Most of the kids didn’t know one another. They come from different sides of town, attend different schools. But they’re thrown together because of a shared concern: climate change.

I’m sure they all walk, right?

Participants commit to meet every Thursday from 5-7 p.m. for six months. Hart, a senior at Arrowhead High School, travels the furthest but says it’s worth the 30-minute drive.

Guess not. Think they could have built that factory without fossil fuels? How about their schools? The home they live in with mom and dad?

You might be saying “hey, they’re just kids, ease off.” Once you decide to advocate for raising taxes on Other People, limiting their freedom, well, you just entered into Adult Land, and you get what you deserve.

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