Climate Ghouls Seem Pretty Upset That Warmer Weather Isn’t Causing More Deaths

It doesn’t help their narrative when people are not dying in droves, and they seem pretty bummed out that people are not keeling over in droves

So far, more heat waves do not mean more heat deaths

More Americans die from the effects of heat than of any other form of severe weather, and this summer has seen one heat wave after another. Some places in the U.S. and elsewhere have recorded their highest temperatures ever. In fact, the average temperature around the planet over the past four years has been the highest ever recorded, and nine of the 10 hottest years were all in this century. (The other was 1998.)

All of this would suggest that more people must be experiencing heat-related illness or death. But it’s more complicated than that.

In the U.S., in fact, heat-related illness appears to be declining.

A team of researchers led by Francesca Dominici, a professor of biostatistics at Harvard University, studied heat-related deaths in 105 U.S. cities from 1987 to 2005. They found that the risk of death from heat declined significantly even at very high temperatures.

“The population has become more resilient to heat over time,” the authors concluded.

Wait, people adapt? How is that possible?

Anyway, doom may not be here now, but it’s coming!

A particularly warm year doesn’t always bring severe heat waves with it. But climate scientists say that over time, a higher average global temperature means that we’ll see more — and more extreme — heat waves.

In fact, climate scientists have now stated that at least some heat waves from the past several years were likely or very likely the result of climate change.

As the climate continues to warm, scientists warn that the incidence of heat-related illness will rise. A new study projects a big increase in the number of emergency room visits for heat-related illness. Based on two scenarios (moderate warming vs. severe warming), there will be 21,000 to 28,000 more visits every summer by 2050. That increase is not related to a higher population; it’s strictly the result of more intense heat waves.

It’s always some sort of scary prognostication of doom with these people.

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  1. JGlanton says:

    Why did they use a start date of 1987? We have 120 years or more of reliable temperature data. We have years with 1000’s of heat-related deaths, such as ’34 and ’36.

    Heat wave toll over 12,000:×88-down-452x10241_shadow.png

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