Hot Take: Blame Misogyny For Murder Of Mollie Tibbetts, Not Immigration

There have been quite a few hot-takes from Democratic Party supporters of illegal aliens, here’s one that’s scorching

Don’t blame immigration for Mollie Tibbetts’ death, blame misogyny

“Don’t talk to strangers,” we tell our daughters when they are little. “Look both ways when you cross the road.” Later, we will warn them about the unintended consequences of alcohol and drugs, and unprotected sex. We will encourage them to feel confident and stand up for themselves, but exercise caution and avoid unfamiliar places after dark. Our society will urge them to heed the advice of doctors and maybe clergy, their parents and grandparents.

Meanwhile, bit by bit, we see the value of those lessons diminish.

It is likely none of those standard admonitions could have saved Mollie Tibbetts. As of this writing, we don’t know the full details of her death, only that her body was found in a cornfield and police believe they have the murderer. We know she had gone out for an evening jog. We know he followed her. And we know from history that that simple activity, which enhances women’s strength and independence, can also make them vulnerable.

This missive is by Rekha Basu of the Des Moines Register, republished in the USA Today. She goes on to note other things about women being killed due to “misogyny”, leading to

Yet rather than focus on reducing violence against women, some top Republicans from President Donald Trump to Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds to Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, had another agenda. They rushed to blame arrested suspect Cristhian Bahena Rivera’s immigration status, which itself remains unclear. The state Division of Criminal Investigation called him an illegal immigrant. But his lawyer said he was in the country legally, and his employer, Craig Lang of Yarrabee Farms, said his legal status had been verified, but later said he had been hired under a different name. It’s conceivable they didn’t vet him properly or that they knew and hired him anyway, much like managers at Agriprocessors meat-packing plant in Postville were accused of doing before the 2008 raid there.

Notice how after every mass shooting, some top Republicans are in a hurry to deny the proliferation of guns was in any way responsible. Lately, they’ve been blaming mental illness. But in Rivera’s case, there is political currency in conflating the lack of a visa with violence, even though studies show undocumented immigrants commit no more violent crimes than the native-born population. A 2016 study showed the U.S. immigrant population rose 118 percent from 1980 through 2016 but the rate of violent crimes fell by 36 percent.

Notice how after every criminal incident by people who should not even be in the United States Democrats are in a hurry to find some way, any way, to protect the illegal aliens. Crime stats are immaterial: Mollie would not have been murdered had Rivera not been unlawfully present in the U.S. The headline uses “death”, but, it was murder.

Here’s a question: why can’t it be both misogyny and immigration? In Liberal World, it’s because they’re invested in protecting illegal aliens/immigration. Interestingly, we see way more misogyny within Liberal supported institutions: Hollywood, colleges, and so forth.

Mollie would be alive if Rivera was stopped from being in the nation. Democrats would rather support illegal aliens over American women.

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7 Responses to “Hot Take: Blame Misogyny For Murder Of Mollie Tibbetts, Not Immigration”

  1. puppylicksbutts says:

    Republicans would rather protect misogyny over American women.

    • formwiz says:

      If anybody is afraid of toxic masculinity, it’s Jeffery.

      Too bad this is actually about trying to protect American women from misogyny, but people like Jeffery like misogyny better because it puts votes in the ballot box.

  2. Jeffery says:

    And how about the Catholic Church? A grand jury just exposed that the Pittsburgh archdiocese covered up that 300 priests abused some 1000 children (50 more reports just since the report was released).

    Maybe we shouldn’t let anyone under 21 attend church. We should at least make it difficult for the pedophile christians, rather than offering them victims.

    Our Constitution shouldn’t be a suicide pact.

    • formwiz says:

      It’s the pedophile Communists, like the ones your Mocha Messiah prefers, that seem to cause worse trouble. Maybe outlaw contact with queer Commies until 80.

      As for the Church, it is finally conceding letting avowed practicing homosexuals into the priesthood was a very bad idea. Us Catholics knew it all along, but all you fans of diversity had to have your way.

      So maybe what we need to do is outlaw diversity advocates and let people sort things out for themselves. Maybe we ought to out law Commies because the country seemed to just fine without them.

      And there is an Amendment in the Constitution about religion

      • Jeffery says:

        So you’re willing to sacrifice tens of thousands of kids to the catholic (and other) churches? Is this one of those special religious rights that the libs are trying to oppress? Maybe Catholics only care about kids before they are born.

        Is it really your contention that Communists forced the Catholic Church to accept pedophile priests decades ago? Interesting conspiracy.

        We’ve noticed that trumpitistas (not to mention trump) have begun exhibiting the signs of desperation. And why did the higher ups cover up the crimes rather than stop them?

        Trump will certainly resign. Pence will pardon him. Trump will try to work a deal to save Trump Inc and his crooked kids.

  3. Jl says:

    “Trump will resign.” Over what? The non-existing evidence?

  4. Jeffery says:

    Only trump knows all of what he’s done. But Mueller knows much more than we know. Don Jr, Manafort and Kushner all conspired with the Russians, and only Mueller and The Don know the extent of the president’s involvement. The prosecutors seem pretty confident, don’t they?

    The United States granted some degree of immunity to trump’s CFO, and the head of the Enquirer parent company, signifying they likely had criminal charges to worry about. Already, the doorkeeper at TRUMP Tower, who had been under a NDA under the Enquirer disclosed that trump was having an affair with the housekeeper. Melania is probably making plans to move back to NYC for her son’s school. Her and her lawyers will want to get theirs before The Don loses everything.

    We assume trump will want to save TRUMP Inc and his children. The United States may be willing to trade his resignation for not prosecuting. And as the GOP gets more and more bad news they will pressure him.

    If trump’s attorneys are not working to get a deal, they need to be fired (not that any lawyer seems to want the job). Maybe Dershowitz is angling for it.

    trump will resign. He has little choice. If he tries to ride it out, he will be a private citizen in Jan 2021 and subject to indictment for his crimes. The Dem president will not pardon him, and many charges will arise from NY state and NYC.

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