Hawaii To Soon Be Totally Overrun With Hurricanes Or Something

So, because Hawaii is getting soaked by a hurricane, which is a rare occurrence, but does happen once in a blue moon, this is occasion to fear-monger over what the Cult Of Climastrology prognosticates will happen, and they completely know it’s totally going to happen. Here’s uber-CoC fear-mongerer Seth Borenstein

Science Says: Hawaii hurricanes rare, but getting less so

Hurricanes seldom get close to Hawaii and it’s even rarer for one of the islands to take a direct hit.

Hurricane Lane is already drenching and pummeling the island chain, even without reaching land.

The last time a major hurricane hit Hawaii was in 1992 when Category 4 Iniki caused billions in damage. On average, the central Pacific hurricane region, which includes Hawaii, sees about four or five storms moving through, but that may be changing with global warming.

Of course it is, and it’s all because Al Gore travels around on fossil fueled private jets.

While climate scientists are reluctant to link individual weather events or even seasons to global warming, they can make the connections with elaborate detailed studies. National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration climate scientist Hiro Murakami, Vecchi and others studied the 2014 hurricane season around Hawaii and found it was “made substantially more likely” by climate change caused by emissions from burning coal, oil and gas, with a natural boost from El Nino.

“More likely” is a guess, not science. Especially since there’s very little data

In a study last year, they also connected global warming to 2015’s record number of major storms in the region, including three Category 4 hurricanes in the central and eastern Pacific at the same time. These studies are limited because of weak records of storms in the area before 1970, Vecchi said.

No worries, we have computer models.

Many climate studies recently predict that as the world warms, the globe overall and the Atlantic region will have fewer named storms but more intense ones. However, the central Pacific bucks that prediction.

Several studies forecast that the central Pacific will become busier with more storms, stronger storms and faster developing ones, Vecchi said. A Murakami study used computer simulations to predict a noticeable increase in storms around the Hawaiian Islands.

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20 Responses to “Hawaii To Soon Be Totally Overrun With Hurricanes Or Something”

  1. Jeffery says:

    If you say, “More likely” is a guess, not science., then you misunderstand science.

    Science is not about proof, but probabilities. Cigarette smoking (and secondhand smoke) makes it “more likely” that you’ll be diagnosed with lung (and other) cancer. Obesity makes Type II diabetes and osteoarthritis more likely.

    Given what we know now, based on warming seas and changes in weather patterns (changing currents and wind streams) global warming makes stronger hurricanes more likely in the South Pacific.

    The author said nothing about being overrun.

    • formwiz says:

      Which only shows Jeffery knows as much about science as he does America.

      Science is all about proof. Can you replicate your findings?

      It’s why they talk so much about Laws – Newton, Archimedes.


      • Jeffery says:


        You have no idea what you are talking about. “Scientific consensus” comes from replication of findings, not “proof”.

        Although most lung cancers occur in smokers, most smokers will not get lung cancer. But based on mountains of evidence the scientific consensus is that cigarette smoking “causes” or greatly increases to likelihood of lung cancer (and throat, bladder, esophageal etc).

        Immigrants in the US commit fewer violent crimes per capita than do the native born. Does this “prove” that immigrants are inherently less violent than Americans?

        What further proof do you require to accept the overwhelming evidence in support of the CO2-global warming theory?

        What would prove to you that Hawaii is in danger of becoming a “better” target of hurricanes?

        Uncertainty is why we have the “Gravitational Theory” and not the “Law of Gravity”.

        • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

          Another example of the fallacy of argument from ignorance or appeal to ignorance from the angry little blacke fella from st. louis.

          Should call it argument from nignorance or appeal to nignorance, just to clarify.


          • puppylicksbutts says:

            No point to make?

          • david7134 says:

            Your comments are getting a certain amount of desperation. Definitely sounds more juvenile than usual. You should not have identified yourself.

        • david7134 says:

          I am afraid you are the one that has little idea on medical matters and that is demonstrated by your education. Most here do not know that pharmacist only attend remedial science courses, more like those for LPNs, in fact, I think RNs have a more rigours education than that given pharmacist. This shows time and again in your knowledge base and logic stream.

          Now as to illegal aliens and crime, all are criminals, 100%. They have broken the law being here and usually steal identities. Now, like your climate lies, the numbers you give on illegal aliens involved in serious crimes is wrong and intentionally manufactured for liberal politics. I refer you to last night’s Tucker Carlson. But you likely have an issue with Tucker, so think of it this way, if the illegal is not here then the individual would not have been harmed.

          • puppylicksbutts says:

            Nurse david,

            Your rebuttal is Tucker Carlson?? The mothertucker is a comprehensive and imaginative liar. Seems like anyone can get a FOX job if they’re willing to lie enough.

            Are you sure being in the US without documentation is a serious crime. We heard it was usually a misdemeanor. All of the President’s Men are in trouble for committing felonies. Even tRump is an unindicted co-conspirator linked to felonies.

            Think of it this way, if murderers weren’t around, there would be no murders! You’re a genius.

            You seem to know a lot about nurses training. You claim to be a physician but it’s pretty obvious you’re a male nurse, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Nurses do all the work, anyway. I used to teach pathophys to graduate nurse anesthetists and they were all more impressive than a physician. You can come out of the closet.

            Again, you need to compare pharmacy and pharmacology. You’re lost.

        • Bill589 says:

          And the socialist calls for bigger more intrusive government, which is the whole point of the ruse.
          CO2 has nothing to do with it. Climate has always changed and giving government more money and power is not going to stop nature.

        • Jl says:

          Funny-“what would prove to you that Hawaii is in danger of becoming a bigger target of hurricanes?” Hawaii actually becoming a better target of hurricanes, which of course hasn’t happened. And even with that, it wouldn’t necessarily prove CO2 as the cause

          • jl says:

            “Your rebuttal, Tucker Carlson? The….”. More ad hom attackes, rebutting not a thing he said, which is no surprise to us.

          • Jeffery says:

            And if we cited The Daily KOS wouldn’t you doubt the information? I would, and that’s why I would never cite it. And it’s why I don’t waste time looking up what Tucker, Sean, Rush or the NoTrickster has to say.

        • jl says:

          “What further proof to you need to accept the overwhelming evidence of the CO2 warming theory?” A physical world that doesn’t offer evidence contradicting that, of which it does. Which means of course it’s not overwhelming.

        • Jl says:

          As said before, skeptics want to debate. Hoaxers cite “consensus”.

  2. Jeffery says:


    Here’s the deal. New Con Men are either too lazy, too immoral or too unintelligent to bother any longer with analysis, so they blame everything that bothers them on conspiracies (fantasy, magic, etc).

    Global warming? The scientists are conspiring so they continue getting paid by the university and NSF grants! Governments are in on it because they want to enact global communism.

    Fake news? The Deep State, Obama, big media, Dems are upset that tRump is destroying America that they are conspiring to get him out!

    Roundup causes cancer! Vaccines cause autism! We’re entering a post-reason world.

  3. david7134 says:

    One of the benefits of the DNC back was to demonstrate that liberals could no longer crow about conspiracy theory. By the way, I had business with the patent attorney for roundup and he demonstrated there is no link to cancer. But they got a stupid liberal jury. Fortunately it will be overturned.

    • Jeffery says:

      Of course Roundup doesn’t cause cancer. There is no evidence. I meant to imply that the brain-dead idiots thought that it did.

      The evidence linking talcum powder to cancer is weak.

      The link between vaccination and autism is fraudulent and was withdrawn.

      So you accept the data on Roundup but reject the more convincing data on global warming.

  4. Jeffery says:

    Texas is asking for BILLIONS to protect its petroleum industry infrastructure from the rising seas and storms. LOL

    PORT ARTHUR, Texas (AP) — As the nation plans new defenses against the more powerful storms and higher tides expected from climate change, one project stands out: an ambitious proposal to build a nearly 60-mile “spine” of concrete seawalls, earthen barriers, floating gates and steel levees on the Texas Gulf Coast.

    Like other oceanfront projects, this one would protect homes, delicate ecosystems and vital infrastructure, but it also has another priority — to shield some of the crown jewels of the petroleum industry, which is blamed for contributing to global warming and now wants the federal government to build safeguards against the consequences of it.

    The plan is focused on a stretch of coastline that runs from the Louisiana border to industrial enclaves south of Houston that are home to one of the world’s largest concentrations of petrochemical facilities, including most of Texas’ 30 refineries, which represent 30 percent of the nation’s refining capacity.

    Texas is seeking at least $12 billion for the full coastal spine, with nearly all of it coming from public funds.


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