EPA Announces Plan To Formally Abandon Obama’s Clean Power Plan

Yet another one of Obama’s “legacies” will soon be down the tubes

(The Hill) Acting Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Andrew Wheeler signed off on a proposal Monday to reverse a landmark Obama-era measure that placed restrictions on the coal industry in an effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The news outlet reviewed a copy of the long-expected proposal, which would do away with restrictions on coal plants and leave regulation of the industry up to the states. The Trump administration’s plan would also curb mandates requiring coal plants to overhaul technology, and would allow the plants to produce energy with less fuel.

“The entire Obama administration plan was centered around doing away with coal,” Wheeler told The Wall Street Journal in an interview.

President Trump is expected to formally announce the measure on Tuesday during a stop in West Virginia. The president has often railed against the “war on coal,” and has pledged to revitalize the industry, reversing course from the Obama administration’s efforts to pivot toward renewable energy sources.

Critics have raised concerns that the Trump administration’s rules will significantly weaken efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Well, yeah, because they haven’t proven that Mankind’s output of GHGs is making much of a difference on the climate. Further, Obama’s CPP isn’t making a difference, since it hasn’t actually taken effect, as 26 states sued and the plan was legally put on hold. Of course, there are a few that are suing because Team Trump announced that they were looking to toast the CPP, forgetting that what one POTUS puts in with his pen another can get rid of.

Now, as I have stated numerous times, I’m not a big fan of coal. I would like to see these plants replaced with newer generation nuclear plants and natural gas plants. Wind and solar are too unreliable and have too large a footprint. Hydro requires large damns and only work in certain areas. Plus, the same enviroweenies will often sue to stop solar, wind, and hydro projects.

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9 Responses to “EPA Announces Plan To Formally Abandon Obama’s Clean Power Plan”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Harm working class Americans to benefit industry. Classic.

    This is shifting the costs of pollution (dirty air, dirty water, heavy metals in streams, smog, acid rain, asthma, lung cancer, diseases, coal ash) from corporations to society.

    BEIJING — Burning coal has the worst health impact of any source of air pollution in China and caused 366,000 premature deaths in 2013, Chinese and American researchers said on Thursday.
    Coal is responsible for about 40 percent of the deadly fine particulate matter known as PM 2.5 in China’s atmosphere, according to a study the researchers released in Beijing.

    How many rich Americans live around coal power plants? How many rich Americans live in “coal country”?

    tRump’s war on the white working classes continues. You’re committing suicide.

    • formwiz says:

      Gee whiz, the states that go heavy for coal went heavy for Trump. Ya know, they might just enjoy working rather than drawing a welfare check.

      And all those costs are found in abundance where the rich live; y’know, cities.

    • Bill589 says:

      Re: Fake News
      If Americans get wrong information, they will make wrong decisions.
      And that’s the only way the Left can win.
      May all come to Light – that’s how the Right wins.

  2. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Harm working class Americans to benefit industry.

    tRump’s war on the white working classes continues.

    Oh my, the angry little black fella hasn’t a clue.

    According to Sentier Research, when President Obama left office the median household income for all Americans was $58,056. Under President Trump, the rising tide of median household incomes rose to $62,175 by June 2018 – a jump of more than $4,000. And income for black Americans has been lifted as well.



    • drowningthepuppy says:

      You cited a FOX News opinion piece. We’ll wait for real data to evaluate median household income. If you think 21% of Blacks would vote for him, you’re mistaken.

      tRump loyalists still adore him. No one else does.

      That said, this morning tRump attacked the Fed for raising interest rates, which is the Fed’s attempt to squelch inflation. Liberal economists ALSO think the Fed should hold off on raising rates too fast, as it slows inflation by throwing working class Americans out of work. Last hired, first fired. tRump has made it clear he understands absolutely nothing about economics so why do you think he opposes his own appointee on the Fed. In Sept 2016, tRump attacked Janet Yellen for keeping interest rates low, preferring that the Fed slow the economy to help his election chances.

      With the current great economy, only 35% of Americans think tRump is doing a good job. When the economy slumps in 2019 (if tRump hasn’t resigned), what do you think his approval will be?

  3. Jeffery says:


    as I have stated numerous times, I’m not a big fan of coal.

    But yet you advocate increasing coal fired power plants. Why? Just because tRump wants it? Just because President Obama opposed it?

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