Illegal Alien Dreamers Cycle For Citizenship Or Something

These Dreamers had their chance: President Trump offered a plan that would have legalized three times the number of DACA recipients, all in exchange for border wall funding. Democrats gave a resounding “no.”

Dreamers cycle down west coast to fight U.S. immigration policy

A journey to justice – that’s what a group of young immigration activists are calling their cycling trip down the West Coast.

The group, named the Dream Riders, started cycling south from Seattle 20 days ago and just arrived in San Francisco. They have 16 more days and 800 more miles of cycling to go, until they reach San Diego, their final destination.

Hana says her family immigrated to the U.S. from Korea when she was a child. She’s now a college student riding to raise awareness that all immigrant communities deserve equal opportunity. “I just keep reminding myself, I’m doing this for my community. But I wish I could have done more training before this!”

“I’m Mexican-American, I’ve seen my family targeted, but I also know there are other groups that are vulnerable to deportation,” said Allyson Duarte who is from the Texas border town of McAllen, where many of the ICE detention centers are located. She’s a DACA recipient and immigration activist. “The point of this campaign, is we wanted to emphasize the need for citizenship for everybody.”

First of all, to hell with your fight. You aren’t citizens. You do not get to dictate how the United States runs its immigration programs. If you have a problem with this, go yell at mom and/or dad who brought you to the U.S. illegally, putting you in this position.

Second, you do not get to demand citizenship for everybody. You do not get to demand citizenship for yourself. You should be out there on your knees saying “please.” Be humble and thankful, rather than slurring the US and her citizens. Then there’s this schmuck who was dragged from Mexico to New Jersey by her mother when she was 3, both entering the U.S. illegally

Mr. President, I’m a DACA recipient, please don’t use me as brick in your Wall | Opinion

President Donald Trump has said that the future of DACA – and, more importantly, the path to citizenship for the more than 800,000 people who came to the U.S. illegally as children – hinges on increased border security, particularly the construction of a border wall. Meanwhile, Democrats have expressed the need for increased border security, but vowed not to support the construction of a wall. (snip)

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, I think that it is unfair to use DACA recipients as bargaining chips in these ongoing negotiations. At worst, it is cruel and inhumane. At best, it holds children accountable for choices that were made not of their own volition. And in many instances, these children would not become aware of these made choices until many years – sometimes decades – later.

It doesn’t matter what you think is fair and unfair: you’re here illegally. You do not get that choice. You do not get to dictate. Your parents, in this case, your mom, put you in the situation. Someone has to be held accountable. Tell you what: you tell mom to get out of our country, and we’ll consider legalizing you. Because someone has to be held accountable.

There was a not-so-distant time ago when I, too, was scared to let anyone know my DACA status. I also didn’t know the power of my words, and it is time for others to realize the power of theirs.

Call your legislators and tell them to recognize the faces – the actual lives – of those seeking their rightful citizenship in a country that, for many of us, is the only one we have ever known.

The more these illegals demand citizenship, the more people will turn away. If your child is demanding a toy, do you give it to them?

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  1. JGlanton says:

    They really suck at cycling. My friends just completed the AIDS ride from SF to LA in 4-5 days. The one who took 5 days has severe disabilities and lives in constant pain and walks with a cane.

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