Summer Weather Is Getting Stuck Due To You Taking A 5+ Minute Shower

It’s getting harder and harder for anyone to take these Climalarmists seriously anymore. This has moved so far away from anything relating to science that we may as well think of this as a cozy mystery, or one of the new crop of science fiction books that are essentially women’s softcore porn (and I’m tired of having to see the covers as I scroll through scifi and horror while looking for new books)

Summer weather is getting ‘stuck’ due to Arctic warming

Summer weather patterns are increasingly likely to stall in Europe, North America and parts of Asia, according to a new climate study that explains why Arctic warming is making heatwaves elsewhere more persistent and dangerous.

Rising temperatures in the Arctic have slowed the circulation of the jet stream and other giant planetary winds, says the paper, which means high and low pressure fronts are getting stuck and weather is less able to moderate itself.

The authors of the research, published in Nature Communications on Monday, warn this could lead to “very extreme extremes”, which occur when abnormally high temperatures linger for an unusually prolonged period, turning sunny days into heat waves, tinder-dry conditions into wildfires, and rains into floods.

(blah blah blah, doom and gloom)

“What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic. By upsetting the energy balance of the planet we are changing the temperature gradient between the equator and the pole. This in turn sets in motion major reorganisations of the flow patterns of the atmosphere and ocean,” said Chris Rapley, professor of climate science at University College London. “The consequences are emerging and they are disruptive, and likely to become even more profoundly so. We are on a journey and the destination doesn’t look good.”

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One Response to “Summer Weather Is Getting Stuck Due To You Taking A 5+ Minute Shower”

  1. JGlanton says:

    Yesterday I flew home from Rome on Alitalia and the GW indoctrination was in full swing. I looked through all of their “news” short videos and they all had global warming content. How rice farmers in SE Asia are dealing with production losses due to climate change. Famous chef teaches you new recipes using ingredients available in a warming planet. Farmers switch to quinoa because of climate change. Fisherman dealing with changing catches due to climate change…

    All done with those british narrators sounding scientifically expert and very concerned. It’s sad what they are doing to captive audiences.

    The average uninformed person can’t escape the fearmongering.

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