If All You See…

…is a world flooded from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Newsbusters, with a post on Crazy Michelle Wolf and abortion.

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9 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. jefferino says:

    Donald J. Trump
    ‏Verified account

    I have confidence that Kim Jong Un will honor the contract we signed &, even more importantly, our handshake. We agreed to the denuclearization of North Korea. China, on the other hand, may be exerting negative pressure on a deal because of our posture on Chinese Trade-Hope Not!

    So it’s China’s fault you and America were bamboozled by Kim Jong Un?

    You trust Kim and Putin but not CNN or the FBI. Poor hapless covfefe…
    Does tRump have any options left but more threats?

    The experiment that was America is coming apart, not with a bang but with a whimper.


    • formwiz says:

      Yes, you are the Clown in Chief.

      And nothing’s come unstuck just yet. Red China needs our trade, so I’m assuming this is a shot across the Commies’ bow.

  2. jefferson says:

    Turns out Putin and the Russkies were also in the middle of the Brexit campaign! And the Brexit financiers, Wigmore, Banks and Mellon (who received shares in a Russian diamond co after the Brexit campaign) were in contact with the tRump campaign AND the Russian ambassador to the UK, Yakovenko.

    Russian engineered Brexit just as they engineered tRump.

    Putin is working to destabilize the West to his own advantage, and it’s working.

    Mr. Mueller has all this information. No wonder tRump is demonizing Mueller.

    • formwiz says:

      How is getting out of the EU a problem? It’s a political organization. NATO is the military alliance.

      Mule Ears may have this info, but it means nada.

  3. jeffy says:

    It’s probably just a coincidence, but some of Ivanka Kushner’s clothing line, manufactured in China, were spared from tariffs on Chinese goods!!

    For example, Chengdu Kameido Shoes in Sichuan Province makes the shoes she sells.

    Until January 2017 all of Ivanka Trump’s products were made in factories in China and Hong Kong, research director Chris Rogers at Panjiva, a global trade data tracking company headquartered in New York, told Politico. Since then, some manufacturing has apparently been moved to other overseas factories in Indonesia, South Korea and Vietnam.

    There’s an advantage to having no conscience.

    • formwiz says:

      No, it just means the Reds aren’t as stupid as you are.

      You don’t pick a family quarrel with a guy like Trump.

      Well, you do, but you’re not that bright.

  4. jeff says:

    Rudy G came out of hiding to sh!t all over tRump’s lie about tRump asking Director Comey to not investigate Flynn. Rudy also said it’s likely that tRump will refuse to talk with Mr. Mueller’s team.

    What happens if Mr. Mueller subpoenas tRump? Will tRump ignore it like a good little authoritarian?

  5. formwiz says:

    You mean like Zippy?

  6. formwiz says:

    Teach, she is one of your best.

    Maybe the best.

    Ev er.

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