Super Warmist California Has 8 Of 10 Most Polluted Air Cities

California has some of the most restrictive laws on fossil fueled vehicles in the country, and the world. They have tons and tons of ‘climate change’ laws, rules, and regulations. Yet….

(USA Today) Forget the Golden State. California should be called the Smoggy State.

Eight of the USA’s 10 most polluted cities, in terms of ozone pollution, are in California, according to the American Lung Association‘s annual “State of the Air” report, released Wednesday.

The Los Angeles/Long Beach area took the dubious distinction of being the nation’s most ozone-polluted city as it has for nearly the entire 19-year history of the report. (snip)

Bakersfield, Calif., was in second place for ozone pollution. Other California cities on the list include Fresno, Sacramento and San Diego. The only non-California metro areas in the top 10 list were Phoenix and New York City.

Of the 10 most polluted cities, seven cities did worse in this year’s report, including Los Angeles and the New York City metro area.

Well, that’s weird. Of course we’re going to get

“Near record-setting heat from our changing climate has resulted in dangerous levels of ozone in many cities across the country, making ozone an urgent health threat for millions of Americans,” Lung Association president and CEO Harold P. Wimmer said.

Smog forms on warm, sunny days and is made worse from the chemicals that come out of vehicle tailpipes and from power plant and industrial smokestacks. Warmer temperatures make ozone more likely to form.

I think it’s time to ban all fossil fueled vehicles, power plants, chemical plants, etc, everything that contributes to the output of NOx and VOC (volatile organic compounds) in California.

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5 Responses to “Super Warmist California Has 8 Of 10 Most Polluted Air Cities”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    California also has 1/3 of all the federal welfare recipients in the U.S.

  2. Hoss says:

    So, all the other states should be suing California is what I’m hearing.

    The fascists out there that want to tell the rest of us how to live never expect to have to live under the same standards as the peasants being ruled.

  3. California has always had smog, even before the invention of the automobile. It is mostly the combination of coastal breezes and high mountains near the coast. Their air quality laws have done a lot to clean it up but there is only so much they can do given the topography. 8 out of 10 worst is by American standards, not Mexico city, Bejing, Cairo, or other foreign places. I wouldn’t worry about it. Their problem now is that the processes they put in place in the 70’s were already successful but continue to grow in authority and greed for more control. Their biggest problem is they have too many people and not enough water.

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