Surprise: NY Governor Looks To Make It More Difficult For Law Abiding Citizens To Purchase Firearms

Remember, Democrats tell us they want to make it harder for criminals to purchase firearms, yet, their policies always seem to harm law abiding citizens

(NY Daily News) Gov. Cuomo wants to increase the background check waiting period for the purchase of firearms in New York to a maximum 10 days, the Daily News has learned.

“We need to do everything in our power to keep guns out of the hands of people too dangerous to have them,” a Cuomo administration official said Saturday.

Cuomo intends to make the issue a priority in the final weeks of the state budget talks with the Legislature, which are set to conclude by April 1, the administration official said.

“In light of the school shooting tragedy in Florida, the governor is seeking to make the SAFE Act, which is already the strongest gun safety law in the country, even stronger,” the Cuomo source said. “This is about the safety of New Yorkers and the safety of our children.”

Who is this going to affect? Essentially, the system should come back with a response immediately, as it is called the National Instant Criminal Background System (NICS). Instant. Under federal law, if the FBI hasn’t responded within 3 days, then the application is approved by Los Federales. States are allowed to enact their own waiting periods. That’s fine. Certain people do need a cooling off period.

But moving this out to 10 days in the worst state for gun owners in the U.S. (only D.C. is worse) smacks of just another attempt to deny law abiding citizens their Constitutional Right.

Under current law, anyone seeking to purchase a pistol, shotgun or rifle in New York must undergo a background check. That check has three possible outcomes. The first allows the purchase to proceed immediately. The second is a denial of the sale. And the third is a call for a delay in the delivery of the gun.

That delay, under current law, can last only up to three days and then the gun can be delivered to the buyer.

Cuomo will seek to push that maximum delay to 10 days. Doing so would give the FBI more opportunity to let the dealer know if they found something in the database that should kill the sale, supporters say.

How many will suddenly find themselves on that delay list? Could it end up being 100%? In fact, there’s no real evidence that waiting periods stop crime.

Meanwhile, a whole bunch of kids who are apparently super smarter with all their worldly experience are calling for more and more restrictions

“This idea is not to prevent responsible and law abiding citizens from legally obtaining their weapons,” she said, adding she’s tired of hearing gun reform framed as “a bunch of brainwashed liberals coming into our homes and stealing our guns.”

If they have to put it that way, then what they really want is to take guns away from law abiding citizens.

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One Response to “Surprise: NY Governor Looks To Make It More Difficult For Law Abiding Citizens To Purchase Firearms”

  1. Hale says:

    I don’t care. If new yorkers aren’t willing to stand for their own human rights, I’m not going to help them. It’s not like I’m counting on them to be on my side in any sense.

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