Illegal Alien Tells Congress It Must Reject Trump’s Immigration Plan

Newsweek gives Cristina Jiménez a platform to rail against Trump’s immigration plan. Who is she? Well, she’s an illegal alien, one who was brought by her parents from Ecuador when she was 13. She’s the co-founder of United We Dream, an advocacy group for other illegal aliens. She was given DACA status by Obama, an executive order that even Obama said was un-Constitutional. Now, she thinks she can demand that the U.S. government do things her way


Every minute that has passed since Trump’s decision to kill Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, back in September, more immigrants living in this country have become vulnerable to deportation.

More than 16,000 young people have already lost their DACA status.

The Trump administration created the current crisis that Congress must now address.

Really? I’d say it’s the parents of the kids that created the crisis. According to Cristina’s bio, she knew she was illegal back when her parents brought her.

From day one, Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda has ripped families apart and his latest proposal, crafted by political advisor Stephen Miller, pits immigrant youth against our parents and our family members who want to reunite with us and build lives here.

In other words, they know they’re illegal, but they are demanding not only legalization, but the ability to bring all their family members to the U.S., as well as legalization for the parents who brought them illegally. People breaking the law usually only have demands in the movies, not real life.

It’s the definition of divisive. It’s a white supremacist ransom note, and we are ripping it up.

Let me be very clear on what I mean by that: Immigrant youth and our families will not be held hostage by Trump’s racist policies in this political moment.

Guess what, toots? It’s not your choice. You’re here, say it with me, illegally. In contradiction of federal law. You do not get to dictate the terms. And if you keep pushing, you might find that Trump and the GOP move on from dealing with DACA. Why should whiny, demanding people throwing around insults be rewarded? Would you reward a recalcitrant child? No.

How can we accept this Sophie’s choice? Trump is telling us that in order to be safe ourselves, we must watch our parents get deported and see our family members lose the opportunity to be reunited with us. It is cruel, it is wrong and all people of conscience must reject it.

This is where they want it both ways. First they say that they shouldn’t be punished for the sins of the parents, then they want their parents left off the hook. Cristina continues on with her inflammatory language for a while, finally getting to the heart of what she wants

Democrats and moderate Republicans of conscience have the power to pass the dream to get a Dream Act done as part of a federal spending package.

But it must be a clean Dream Act that protects immigrant youth and DACA beneficiaries without harming our families through increased immigration enforcement, deportations and exclusion of immigrants of color from the United States.

In other words, citizenship for Dreamers, and no risk of deportation for their parents who brought them illegally, nor for any aunts, uncles, cousins, that person they knew back in 3rd grade in El Salvador.

It really is this type of attitude that makes many immigration hard-liners like myself who are willing to make some accommodations to say “nope. Never mind. You illegals do not get to dictate the terms, and I don’t appreciate your demands at the same time you are insulting me. So, never mind. Let’s just deport you.”

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8 Responses to “Illegal Alien Tells Congress It Must Reject Trump’s Immigration Plan”

  1. Jeffery says:

    TEACH typed (once again):

    In other words, citizenship for Dreamers,

    Do you oppose citizenship after 10-12 years of obeying the rules and living a clean life as the DREAM Act proposes?

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Why should whiny, demanding people throwing around insults be rewarded?

      Note to little guy:

      The Captain left out staggeringly ignorant.

  2. o0Nighthawk0o says:

    Trump didn’t do this. Obama is the one who gave them false hope. He even said that this was a temporary measure AND that he really didn’t have the authority to do it but he did anyway. If you remember, there was another directive called DAPA that was for the parents of dreamers. DAPA was struck down as illegal. States also threatened to sue over DAPA which would have suffered the same fate as DAPA. This is why Trump cancelled DAPA in September. To avoid wasting time and money over a lost cause.

    The left can spin this all they want but fault lies at the feet of Obama, Dems and the parents that drug their kids here illegally.

    • Jeffery says:

      Bullshit. This boils down to those that wish to rid the US of undocumented and those that don’t. President Obama moved to stabilize their lives via DAPA and DACA, simply because Congress wouldn’t act, and the status quo is deportation (which the right-nationalists support). A conservative Republican Texas judge, with a history of opposing all things Obama, issued a preliminary injunction that the US Supreme Court let stand, 4-4.

      tRump and trump alone, knowing that the current GOP controlled Congress wouldn’t act, decided to pull the plug. He wants a “Bill of Love”, LOL.

  3. Hugh Evan-Thomas says:

    Newsweak was a thing once.

  4. Jl says:

    This boils down to those that wish to rid the U.S. of invaders and those that don’t. Fixed it

  5. Hoss says:

    Making demands when you’re here illegally just makes me want to send them all packing. It’s the equivalent of holding a gun to your own head and telling people to stop or you’ll shoot. If you don’t want your family “torn apart” (shaming language not effective on conservatives – keep that for the guilt-ridden whiteys), you can all move back to Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, or wherever.

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