Big Snowfall, Cooler Oceans Totally A Sign Of Global Warming Or Something

It’s all your fault for using natural gas to heat your home and refusing to ride a bicycle to work instead of your fossil fueled vehicle when it’s cold

Big snowfall, a cooler ocean and, yet, more signs of global warming

Two of America’s top science agencies confirmed last week that 2017 was one of the hottest years on record. But the news came with some anomalies — the kind that skeptics might use to muddy the evidence that the planet is growing dangerously warmer.

The reports from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) confirmed that global temperatures remain markedly above the Earth’s pre-industrial levels. But they also showed that the upward heat trajectory is not constant, or uniform, around the globe. And the studies revealed that serious cold spates, and big snowfalls, have not disappeared.

One counter-intuitive finding from the two agencies was that Earth recorded its second– or third-warmest year in recorded history, in the same year that storms left the Northern Hemisphere with more snow than at any time in the last three decades.

Another twist: The warming forces couldn’t entirely overwhelm that age-old weather trickster — the Pacific Ocean’s El Niño/La Niña temperature oscillation.

Scientists say weather quirks should not distract from the more worrisome, long-term trend: Temperatures that are inexorably increasing as mankind’s burning of fossil fuels loads the atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

Anyhow, they just keep spinning and spinning. Because that’s what people in Cults do. Make everything conform to their preconceived dogma.

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One Response to “Big Snowfall, Cooler Oceans Totally A Sign Of Global Warming Or Something”

  1. Zachriel says:

    “For years we have been told the Earth is melting like a popcycle, and that humanity will would soon be boiled alive in a rising sea. Well, today that lie stands exposed with evidence that any child can understand. I give you frozen water, falling from the sky.”

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