Bummer: Climate Change Linked To More Flowery Forests

This is almost positioned as a bad thing

(Economic Times) Scientists have revealed a surprising relationship between surging atmospheric carbon dioxide and flower blooms in remote tropical forests.

The researchers studying the rich tropical forests of Panama’s Barro Colorado Island found that climbing rates of carbon dioxide have set the stage for a multi-decade increase in overall flower production.

“Over the past several decades, we have seen temperatures warming and carbon dioxide increasing, and our study ..

Raise your hand, are you surprised that CO2, otherwise known as “plant food”, is causing this to happen?

The findings suggest that tropical forests, which have evolved over millennia to flourish in warm, equatorial conditions, may be more sensitive to subtle climatic changes than some ecologists predicted.

“Tropical forests have evolved in generally stable climates,” Pau said.

See? They’re kind of positioning this as a bad thing. Because in Warmist World, things are never supposed to change. Or, is that Never Supposed To Change? All caps? Seriously, these same people will yammer on about Darwinism and such, and, then say that nature is always supposed to be the same.

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4 Responses to “Bummer: Climate Change Linked To More Flowery Forests”

  1. PapaMAS says:

    Seriously, these same people will yammer on about Darwinism and such, and, then say that nature is always supposed to be the same.

    That’s one thing which has always gotten me. One of the big themes of nature shows on television seems to have always been the “natural balance”, and how Man upsets it to the detriment of the planet. They took a simple concept of the ratio of predator to prey in an area and expanded it into Man is somehow interfering with the natural processes that have been ordained to be just so, forever and ever, Amen, and so is evil and must be punished.

  2. McGehee says:

    If nature didn’t want us to be able to do the things we do, it should have done a better job of wiping us all out before we got this far.

    • Jeffery says:

      Humans evolved able to manipulate the environment like no other species. But just because we can doesn’t mean it’s always wise to do so. We are not in a contest to subdue nature.

      We’ve also evolved the ability to consider the effects of our actions on others as well as on the future.

  3. Jl says:

    And if not for fossil fuels, most of those “flowery forests” would have cut down by now for heat.

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