Good News: Great Whites Will Soon Be Swimming Near The Top Of The Statue Of Liberty

This kind of unhinged, over-the-top silliness certainly doesn’t help make the case that Warmists are pushing Science

Yeah, this a big screed by Excitable Bill McKibben, part hatred of fossil fuels, part hatred of wealthy people and Wall Street. Read it if you like, you’ve since this progressive stupidity again and again.

I’m not going to drop a bunch, but, this is the kind of thing going on in ClimateTwitter World

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9 Responses to “Good News: Great Whites Will Soon Be Swimming Near The Top Of The Statue Of Liberty”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    It’s worse than we thought!
    The EARTH is SCREAMING!!!!!

  2. Jl says:

    “1000 year flood…”. Flooding can obviously be caused or intensified many factors other than just the amount of rain. And the rain gauge in what would in the future be Houston read what in the year 1018? *Science*

  3. Hugh Evan-Thomas says:

    That’s a scene from Sharknado VI

  4. drowningpuppies says:

    Great Whites?

    Great WHITES??


    How racist can one be?

    Because, that’s why.


  6. Monty says:

    These people can educate you. For instance: I did not know that winter snow was “Rare”.

  7. JGlanton says:

    I thought scientists told us that global warming was going to kill the great whites before then. So, nothing to worry about!

  8. JGlanton says:

    The torch of the statue of liberty is 350 feet above sea level. The sea level in lower Manhattan has been averaging roughly 3mm per year rise over the last 50 years, and over the last 100 years (, although how much is land subsidence is debatable. Sea level there has has been going down over the last 8 years. So 3mm is the worst case.
    To reach the torch, the sea must rise 106,680 mm. At our current worst case rate, that will take 35,560 years to reach the point where great white sharks can circle the torch. Assuming our currently lovely interglacial period doesn’t end before then.

  9. twolaneflash says:

    If we were to drag that French monstrosity out to deep water where it belongs, this could be a reality tomorrow! Send Us your ‘wretched refuse”…*spit*. To the open borders, globalist crowd, that little plaque enshrines sacred words and is the law of the land, not the curse it is on Our nation.

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