There’s A Cow In The Climate Change (Scam) Room!

The NY Daily News’ uber hyper cray cray Warmist Pete Singer thinks he’s found a big angle that Comrade De Blasio missed with his Hotcoldwetdry proclamation for NYC

On climate change, a cow in the room

“NYC: Leading the Fight Against Climate Change.” That’s what a large sign behind Mayor de Blasio said when, on Wednesday, he announced two separate measures against fossil-fuel companies. One is to call on the boards of five city pension funds to withdraw their investments from Big Oil. The other is to sue five oil companies for billions of dollars that the city has to spend to cope with the effects of climate change, such as the damage inflicted by Superstorm Sandy. (snip)

So it is up to every other level of government, as well as corporations and individuals, to do what they can to make up for the lack of leadership shown by the Trump administration and by the Republican-controlled Congress.

Yet the initiatives announced by de Blasio and Cuomo are overlooking the elephant in the room — or rather, the cow in the room, or, more precisely still, the steak on the dinner plate.

And the solution?

In 2009, I argued, in these pages, for a tax on meat, so that the real costs of eating it — costs on the planet and on human health — would be priced into the product. Last year, the Danish Ethics Council, a government body, joined the call, and the Danish government said that it would consider the proposal. Then the UN’s International Resource Panel made a similar recommendation.

Funny how that keeps being proposed, eh?

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5 Responses to “There’s A Cow In The Climate Change (Scam) Room!”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    One is to call on the boards of five city pension funds to withdraw their investments from Big Oil.

    Yep, brilliant move for the pensioners.

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    The other is to sue five oil companies for billions of dollars

    Yep, another brilliant move for the taxpayers.

  3. Claims against oil companies would of course be paid out from two sources. First, lower profits paid out to stockholders through dividends. All those retirement accounts don’t need to grow. So what if it screws everyone who saved money for their retirement. They are rich and can afford it. Second, energy companies raise prices to customers. Thus, it becomes just like the tax on energy they wanted but couldn’t get passed through the legislature. Who really pays this? just those greedy people who use energy. Screw them. I don’t know anyone like that.

    Democrats really must hate poor people. They insist on raising the price of energy so that poor people are cold and freeze to death. And the tax on meat show they want poor people to be hungry too.

  4. Rotterdam says:

    Liberals across the world are no longer liberal. Such as the classical liberals that the old style liberals were such as JFK etc. Who made speeches such as ask not what YOUR COUNTRY can do for you but rather what YOU CAN do for your country.

    That form of liberalism is gone. Replaced with the Elizabeth “Lie for a job” Warren and Bernie “rake in the dough” Sanders. The world over, the elites in the new world order are all rich and well to do while denigrating the rich and well to do. People turn a blind eye to their leaders because they speak what they want to hear.

    Just like the liberals hate billionaires but Not George Soros, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, T. Boone Pickens etc. Because they fund liberal causes. Those billionaires get a pass. Thats why they are supposedly liberals. So they can operate with impunity.

    That is why the right should just go ahead and help the poor. The blacks. Pass infrastructure and stop with this nonsense of constitutional conservativism. Thats nothing more than a catch phrase for Libertarian. Fix your military. Fix infrastructure. Get a serious immigration reform in place that benefits America first. Not democrats first.

    The best way you can expand your base is to show the people of color that your policies help them way more than they hinder them. Preventing millions more illegals from flooding your country keep them working, give them hope. Most of them don’t want hand outs but they are literally forced onto the roles by the left whose entire economic policies are designed to do this.

    That has been happening all across the EU for a couple decades now when we realized we could not have real expansion because our birthrates were too low. So we offered them welfare. An incentive to come to the EU and now the powers that be owe their millions in their accounts to the welfare immigration system and will fight you with their lives to make sure they keep getting rich off the misery they have instilled on the rest of the EU.

    Brexit was only the opening salvo. Once the countries in the EU realize that England can survive without the EU the exodus will ensue. People hate these policies over here. I should say people who are not elite.

  5. Jeffery says:

    American elites (Repugs and Dems) support policies that reward the wealthy at the expense of the working classes. These are fiscal, monetary, labor, health care, education, trade, immigration, patent, tax policies that impact every aspect of society. There are reasons that the wealth and income gaps keep increasing – it’s not “natural” – it’s manufactured by policy.

    What you describe is that the conservatives need to persuade minorities that these policies are actually helping them. Good luck. Minorities are not as dense as you think.

    We should have spent $1 trillion on public works (infrastructure – upgrade sewers and water supply, nationwide high speed internet, burying power lines, roads, bridges, ports, shoreline restorations etc) at the start of the Great Recession but conservatives would not allow it. Now with the economy recovering conservatives want to add to the debt for political gain.

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