Surprise: Germany Goes Climahypocrite

We should all be used to things like this with the Cult of Climastrology by now

(Daily Signal) Climate hypocrisy is nothing new.

Celebrities cruise around the world in their private jets, eating filet mignon while telling you to pack a salad and bike to work to reduce your carbon footprint.

So, color me not at all surprised that Germany, a vocal critic of the U.S.’ decision to exit the Paris climate accord, is preparing to abandon its 2020 climate targets.

Strong economic growth is a critical reason why Germany is very likely to miss its target.

In other words, Germany refuses to destroy their own economy at the alter of the CoC, despite being one of the global leaders in pushing the junk science.

Germany’s abandoned 2020 targets are the latest domino to fall in what is failed international climate policy. Many proponents of action argue that even though the Paris climate accord is nonbinding, with no repercussions when a country fails to comply with its nationally determined contributions, the agreement was an important first step.

The parties that have entered into the Paris accord sure have a funny way of showing they’re committed to it.

Despite bashing the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the Paris accord, all of the industrialized countries are not on schedule to meet their respective targets. Germany is not alone in the European Union.

This is simply a repeat of the Kyoto Protocol, where all the nations around the world patted themselves on the back, then went on to fail to achieve their targets.

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One Response to “Surprise: Germany Goes Climahypocrite”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Maybe the NE U.S. got woke to the fact that solar panels and windmills will not keep you warm during long periods of extremely cold weather…

    Or not.

    Coal and nuclear interests took up that line of argument this week, saying their generators will help ensure reliable service during this cold snap. “Attention FERC Commissioners: Coal shines when the temperature drops,”…

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