Democrat Leaders Facing Mutiny On DACA Deal

Why would this be happening? Because Republicans might get something out of it

(Politico) Democratic leaders are facing a potential revolt within their ranks as they edge toward a deal with Republicans that would protect Dreamers from deportation but also include concessions to conservatives that many Democratic lawmakers say are unacceptable.

Senate negotiators say they’re inching toward a bipartisan deal that broadly mirrors the parameters laid out during a meeting this week between lawmakers and President Donald Trump at the White House. They include ensuring legal status for Dreamers, strengthening border security and making changes to both family-based migration and the diversity lottery.

But many Democrats, particularly in the House, are horrified that their leaders would even agree to discuss issues beyond legal status for Dreamers and limited measures to curb illegal immigration. The concerns span multiple factions of the Democratic conference, and, combined with opposition from Republican immigration hard-liners, they could put passage of a DACA deal at risk.

These are the hardcores who want a “clean” bill, ie, one which only deals with giving legal status to the Dreamers, with nothing else included.

“We’re willing to give a little when it comes to border security, but we’re not willing to give away the whole hog and farm,” said Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.), a member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus who attended the meeting.

He and other Democrats in the opposition camp argue that wide-scale changes to family-based sponsorship laws and the visa lottery should be discussed only as part of a broader immigration deal.

“I believe we need to pass a ‘clean’ Dream Act,” Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said. “If we’re going to talk about, you know, all these other factors, then let’s just talk about comprehensive immigration reform.”

These Democrats know they aren’t getting a clean Dream Act. It almost appears as if they are attempting to scuttle negotiations. Why? Because then they can use that in their talking points messaging going into the mid-terms, Blamestorming Republicans. We all know the media will take the Democrats side in this, and this is what the American people will hear and read.

But, here’s an idea: let’s give them a clean bill: Dreamers get temporary protected status, having to renew every two years, and any legal violation above a certain misdemeanor level would get them deported. They would be allowed to apply for citizenship and go through the same process everyone else does after 10 years. However, the people that brought the Dreamers illegally have to leave for this to occur. They are the ones that committed the “sin.” And the parent(s) would be barred from doing anything other than coming for short visits once every two years. No chain migration.

There should be no amnesty. No free citizenship. If Dreamers want it, they have to earn it.

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8 Responses to “Democrat Leaders Facing Mutiny On DACA Deal”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Fortunately, only a small percentage of Americans agree with you.

    They will reach a compromise that both the most liberal and the most teabagger of the House will oppose. That’s why it’s a compromise. You won’t like the protections given to the “Dreamers” and that there parents aren’t tracked down and disposed off. Frankly, most liberals are OK with the proposed compromise:

    ensuring legal status for Dreamers, strengthening border security and making changes to both family-based migration and the diversity lottery.

    Of course, in dealing with the likes of tRump, the devil is in the details. Will the deal “have” to include 10s of billions for a Beautiful Wall? We suspect he will sign the four-legged stool outlined in the article and the gov’t will stay open.

    • formwiz says:

      Trump’s supporting the House Republican bill, which is a lot tougher, so you lose on this one, too.

      Key provisions

      Mandatory E-Verify

      Ends Chain Migration

      Builds the Wall

      Increases employment-based immigration

      Like most Lefties. you think compromise means getting your own way. I’m guessing the Demos won’t go for it, so Trump can always say he tried.

      • Jeffery says:

        The Repubs own America now so they can do whatever they wish. Why do they need Dems anyway?

        • gitarcarver says:


          That means all the advances in the economy and making America a better place to live belong to the Republicans after the disastrous years of the Obama administration.

          The fact of the matter is that when Democrats don’t have a majority, they demand to be heard, be accounted for, and acquiesced to. When they have a majority, they tell Republicans to “go sit in the back of the bus.”

          Liberal hypocrisy just keeps giving and giving and giving…..

          • Jeffery says:

            Disastrous Obama years? The stock market tripled. The unemployment rate was cut by 60%! No recessions other than the Republican one left over from Bush/Cheney. Under tRump the unemployment rate will go up and the stock market will not triple. More jobs were created under Obama than can be created under tRump. Obama did not conspire with the Russians.

            Other nations respected America, now we’re a laughingstock and considered a shithole.

    • Hugh Evan-Thomas says:

      There’s a wide range of these illegals, some of whom should be deported, some the GOP must compromise on. An illegal who has been here 30 years, brought over as a baby, and is leading the life of an ordinary American isn’t going to be deported. If the GOP is suicidal enough to deport, it will never win another election. On the other end of the spectrum, an illegal who came here at age 17, has a criminal history and no strong ties except to his gang has got to go. Immigration rules will clarify this spectrum of who stays, who doesn’t.

  2. Bill589 says:

    My younger son is working 6 or 7 jobs now in order to pay off his college debt with what the government lets him keep, and (in CT anyways) my son pays for the college debt of illegals and pseudo-refugees with the money he earned but that the government takes out of his paychecks.

    There are American ‘Dreamers’ too.

  3. daniel says:

    If they compromise then allow dreamers to stay BUT NEVER become citizens. This is really all about the votes so call the dems hand. If they are all about the dreamers then allowing them to stay is what should be #1 and not voting. Since they cant (legally) vote now there is no change in that

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