EPA Looks To Replace Obama Era Climate Change Regulations In 2018

Elections have consequences, and one of those is watching Obama’s expansive regulation world go kaput

(Reuters) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will replace Obama-era carbon and clean water regulations and open up a national debate on climate change in 2018, part of a list of priorities for the year that also includes fighting lead contamination in public drinking water.

The agenda, laid out by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt in an exclusive interview with Reuters on Tuesday, marks an extension of the agency’s efforts under President Donald Trump to weaken or kill regulations the administration believes are too broad and harm economic growth, but which environmentalists say are critical to human health.

”The climate is changing. That’s not the debate. The debate is how do we know what the ideal surface temperature is in 2100?… I think the American people deserve an open honest transparent discussion about those things,” said Pruitt, who has frequently cast doubt on the causes and implications of global warming.

Pruitt said among the EPA’s top priorities for 2018 will be to replace the Clean Power Plan, former President Barack Obama’s centerpiece climate change regulation which would have slashed carbon emissions from power plants. The EPA began the process of rescinding the regulation last year and is taking input on what should replace it.

“A proposed rule will come out this year and then a final rule will come out sometime this year,” he said. He did not give any details on what the rule could look like, saying the agency was still soliciting comments from stakeholders.

Also on the docket is rewriting Obama’s crazy Waters of the USA rule, hopefully doing away with that expansive, massive big government control rule, which allowed the government regulate every pond, every puddle, every stream.

Pruitt is also looking at biofuels rules and laws. And, cutting the number of employees at the EPA, getting rid of the dead wood.

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2 Responses to “EPA Looks To Replace Obama Era Climate Change Regulations In 2018”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    HUD also rolled back the Obama era overregulation on the “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” regulations.

    This was another case of the Obama administration interjecting itself into a law that Congress had passed and in doing so, drastically changed the law.

    • So we are safe until the next extremist Marxist Democrat gets elected. It is far better to establish a policy of always lying to the government, especially on matters of race, where there is no standard for reality and thus no prosecution for falsifying govt data. If you are white, you should always say you are black, Hispanic or American Indian. If enough of your friends and neighbors do this, your neighborhood will be safe from force migrations and resettlements of others into your neighborhood. Every census. Every HUD form. Lie every time. Then the vast data bases that Government uses to make these decisions will be useless.

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