NY Times: It’s A Clash Between California And Following The Law

The New York Times seems rather upset that California is being told that they need to follow federal law

In Clash Between California and Trump, It’s One America Versus Another

When drivers entered California recently from the borders with Arizona and Nevada, they were greeted with signs welcoming them to an “official sanctuary state” that is home to “felons” and “illegals.” It was a prank, but the message was clear: By entering California, they might as well have been entering foreign territory.

And in many ways it feels like that these days, as the growing divide between California and the Trump administration erupted this past week over a dizzying range of flash points, from immigration to taxes to recreational marijuana use.

What had been a rhetorical battle between a liberal state and a conservative administration is now a full-fledged fight.

By conservative, they mean “an administration that requires that states follow federal law.”

Just as Californians were enjoying their first days of legal pot smoking, the Trump administration moved to enforce federal laws against the drug. On the same day, the federal government said it would expand offshore oil drilling, which California’s Senate leader called an assault on “our pristine coastline.”

When President Trump signed a law that would raise the tax bills of many Californians by restricting deductions, lawmakers in this state proposed a creative end-around — essentially making state taxes charitable contributions, and fully deductible. And California’s refusal to help federal agents deport undocumented immigrants prompted one administration official to suggest that state politicians should be arrested.

I wonder if anyone has explained to any of these folks that they made a big deal of telling us all that federal law held primacy when it was Obama in the White House? Or, hey, that California lawmakers can submit legislation to take marijuana off the federal books as a Schedule I drug? California Senator Kamala Harris, for one, who is going on and on about marijuana.

The clash between California and Mr. Trump and his supporters — between one America and another — began the morning after he won the presidency, when Kevin de León, the State Senate leader, and his counterpart in the Assembly, Anthony Rendon, said they “woke up feeling like strangers in a foreign land.”

Since then the fight has metastasized into what could be the greatest contest over values between a White House and a state since the 1950s and 1960s, when the federal government moved to end segregation and expand civil rights.

Back then, of course, the ideologies and values at issue were reversed, as conservative Southerners, under the banner of states’ rights, fought violently to uphold white supremacy. In these times it is liberal California making the case for states’ rights, traditionally a Republican position.

By “conservative”, they mean “Democratic Party voters.” But, it’s great how Democrats suddenly believe in States’ rights again, albeit for different purposes. A notion which will disappear the minute a Democrat wins the White House at some point. Need I point out that many of these issues, like immigration, are actually tasks of the federal government?

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One Response to “NY Times: It’s A Clash Between California And Following The Law”

  1. Rotterdam says:

    I have watched reruns of the election 2016 on youtube many, many times trying to ascertain if there was indeed some pattern of Russian collusion to the actual vote. (Before you start it gets mighty lonely in Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Western Mexico with no TV, Radio so one has to have diversions of some type while we are doing what it is we do. Laptops with solar battery chargers do the trick and lots of stored content.)

    Anyway I digress. What struck me was not erratic voting patterns but the level to which the left in your country was aghast that 30 percent of the electorate was repudiated by the 70 percent. It was a common theme throughout election night by ABC, CBC, NBC, PBS, CBN, Russia Tonight or RT, The Young Turks, The Blaze, MSNBC, CNN, Yahoo even had election coverage hosted by Katie Couric.

    The entire beef by the left was this horrible denunciation of blacks, Hispanics, Muslims. It was so heavy in the rooms by 10 pm EST that you could slice it with a knife. The push back against the trump presidency was already beginning.

    It was a horror movie run in slow motion for the left. People who have convinced themselves that with their astounding success at destroying GWB while the Right was unable to destroy Obama, they had a formula for success. This time they have taken it to new heights.

    The left drummed up the racist meme in no small part Trump is to blame for that by the things he has said, but the things he has done are miniscule compared to what he promised. There is no giant wall on the southern border of the USA, Only continued talk of such. There is no general round up of Illegals. The police are not breaking down the Muslim neighborhood doors. Black unemployment is way up and police have stopped gunning down blacks.

    The left is creating a false narrative that started election night. It continues to this day. Donald Trump is trolling the press which has them writing books and demanding he be locked up for being mentally unfit. He has not fired missiles at NOKO. He simply is the only president who sent three US task forces to patrol NOKO waters encouraging the NOKO’s to take a pot shot at them.

    States like California and others take comfort in the fact that they are a safe haven for Illegals. One day they will change their tune, for now? They simply are the resistance to Trump and his agenda that is aimed at POOR, who might actually realize that its not just the left that cares about them, it is the right as well. They simply have differing ideas how to achieve results and the left is terrified that the results will send even more Right leaning pols to government.

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