Democrats Are Still Pushing Hard For A “Clean” DACA Bill

You can tell where the priorities of Democrats lie: rewarding illegal behavior coupled with creating conditions for more illegal behavior, all to the detriment of U.S. citizens and those who want to immigrate the lawful way

(Breitbart) On Wednesday’s broadcast of “MSNBC Live,” House Democratic Caucus Chairman Representative Joe Crowley (D-NY) stated that Democrats want a clean DACA bill and dubbed a border wall a waste of money.

Crowley said, “I think there’s a false premise here, in other words, equating security and border security with the DACA individuals themselves. They are not a security risk to the American people. They love this country. This is the country they know and love, and they are now in a state of limbo. And unless the president, who has promised to address this issue, works to make that happen in a clean bill, that’s what Democrats are looking for. A $40 billion wall is a waste of government money. … You can’t drive on it. You can’t live in it. You can’t do anything with it, and it really is just a waste of government resources. We have the security along our border that we need. And we can certainly talk about addressing some of the issues that need to be addressed, but let’s not conflate the two issues together.”

Except, they’ll never want to talk about those security issues afterwards. This is all about trying to find a way to give the Dreamers permanent legal status with the ability to vote. Then there’s this bit of moonbattery

(LifeZette) A former Democratic Party official insisted Wednesday night on “The Ingraham Angle” that Republicans must pass a “clean” amnesty bill for so-called dreamers if they want to stay in power.

But Steven Camarota, director of research at the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Immigration Studies, told Fox News host Laura Ingraham that the politics of immigration make that unlikely. He noted that legal immigrants who become citizens tend to favor Democrats by a 2-to-1 margin. So over the next 20 years, he said, immigration is likely to add an additional 15 million voters to the rolls.

“Quite naturally, the political system will reflect the values of the changing electorate,” he said. “So it’s hard to see if legal immigration continues, how a conservative Republican Party survives.”

Got that? We have to pass a bill that provides permanent legal status to illegal aliens who were brought by their parents, and the parents, and chain migration from the legalized illegals, otherwise, the people who come legally might not vote for the GOP.

Jose Aristimuño, former press secretary for the Democratic National Committee, told Ingraham that Trump will be a one-term president if he insists on concessions like a border wall and an end to chain migration as part of a deal to grant legal status to illegal immigrants currently enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

“If he wants to keep his job, he has to extend DACA,” he said.

Most of the people who put Trump in office are not particularly enthused by giving lawbreakers legal status. And part of why Trump won was due to tough talk on illegal aliens.

Meanwhile, the DHS Chief has a few thoughts on DACA

(Daily Caller) Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen says she would like to see a replacement for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, but she believes any legislative amnesty should apply only to the illegal immigrants who originally qualified for protection.

Speaking to reporters during a trip to view wildfire damage in California, Nielsen said the administration is committed to a “permanent” solution for DACA beneficiaries.

“Everybody wants to find a solution — a permanent solution — to DACA,” she said, according to the Associated Press. “I mean I really haven’t talked to anybody who has said, ‘Nah, we don’t want to do that.’”

But Nielsen emphasized that any DACA amnesty should be limited to the roughly 800,000 younger illegal immigrants who received protections when the program was in effect, not everyone who was eligible.

She says that no one, not the parents, not the relatives, not other illegals, should receive any sort of legalization. Period. And she’s right. If the parents are the ones who committed the “sin” that the kids (most of whom are adults and uneducated) should not pay for, then the parents should pay for it. Via deportation. I still say that any legalization should be coupled with the parents having to self-deport prior to any legalization, and are not allowed back in the country for years, and only then for a short visit. As I wrote in September

Here’s a recommendation: Congress puts DACA into law, but allows 4 year renewals, rather than 2 years, in order to decrease burden on federal agencies. Just like with people who are applying for citizenship, any serious crimes can be cause to cancel an illegals legal status and deport them. And, yes, even DUIs may be considered cause, just like with those applying for citizenship. After 12 years, they can go through the same process as those applying for citizenship in order to attempt to earn full citizenship.

BUT, if we aren’t going to lay the “sins” of the parent(s) on the children, we are going to lay them on the parent(s). In order to obtain DACA status, the parent(s) must self deport, and provide proof at an immigration checkpoint as they leave. They are not allowed back in the United States for 2 years, and then only for a short visit. If they are caught residing in the U.S., or attempting to enter the country illegally, the children will have their DACA status ended and will be deported. After 12 years, they would be allowed to apply for temporary resident status, conditioned on speaking English and having good moral character. This seems fair. The parents broke our laws.

If you don’t agree with punishing the parents, then you’re simply using DACA to create a backdoor amnesty for all.

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39 Responses to “Democrats Are Still Pushing Hard For A “Clean” DACA Bill”

  1. Jeffery says:

    How is NOT deporting 800,000 DACA residents harming US citizens?

    The image of our new government deporting 800,000 DACA residents may be more harmful to America than any harm their presence promotes.

    73% of Americans surveyed support the DACA residents.

    • Fargo says:

      I would say that the DACA kids will not be deported. The Democrats are counting on them to stay. So they can bring millions upon millions more into the country, additc them to poverty and government handouts and keep them voting democrat.

      I guaranfukingtee you if these people voted for Republicans the LEFT would be screaming and banging their drum to deport these sunsohbeaches.

      I promise thats true and you know it. The USA cannot afford millions upon millions of immigrants each year. Right now the authorized immigration in this country is like 1+ million per year. The LEGAL ones. That does not include the 500k-1 million sneaking in each year. Having babies and then anchoring a 40 member family back home.

      The lottery is the same thing. Once here you can sponsor your entire 20 member family and the result is 50k per year ends up nearly 1 million worth of lottery winners.

      This nation cannot keep producing good jobs that pays for 3-4 million new immigrants each year plus all those born here legally growing of age and seeking jobs.

      But the left doesnt care. Hell thats why you got 33 percent of hispanics voting for TRUMP. They want these people thrown out. They get it. That means simply to me that the left wants VOTERS and nothing else.

      • Jeffery says:

        We agree with Fargo that it’s doubtful the DACA residents will be deported. It’s a politically untenable position to take and will cost tRump more than he will gain from the far-right 23%ers. The KKK, white nationalists and neo-Nazis will be less than pleased but they won’t abandon tRump over this.

        • Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

          Careful with the “KKK/Neo-Nazi/skinhead” crap, you call a fellow that in real life & your liable to swallow some teeth.

          • Jeffery says:


            Do you deny that the KKK, white nationalists and neo-Nazis are largely tRump supporters?

          • Jeff,
            I have asked all of the skinheads and KKK members that I know, and none of them support Trump. None of them voted for him. None of them sent him money or a Christmas card. Ask your KKK and skinhead friends to see if you get similar results.

    • Dana says:

      Jeffrey asked:

      How is NOT deporting 800,000 DACA residents harming US citizens?

      They are consuming our tax dollars, and the ones who are working are taking jobs that American citizens could fill.

      The image of our new government deporting 800,000 DACA residents may be more harmful to America than any harm their presence promotes.

      Well, I’m sure that the left would see it that way, but the image of the United States enforcing the law would be a very great thing for us. The image of the United States kicking out illegal immigrants will help deter future illegal immigration.

      • Jeffery says:


        We hear that argument… the law is the law. But we have a tradition of metered enforcement and prosecution of many laws. Tens of millions of Americans exceed the speed limits every day resulting in several thousand deaths a year. Jaywalking is rarely enforced. If an 8 yr old neighbor walks through your yard do you call the police? We allow tax cheating – in fact we have cut IRS enforcement to encourage it.

        Con Men want this law enforced because it gets rid of immigrants, even though they are here through no fault of their own. Tracking down and displacing these immigrants is counterproductive and cruel.

        By the way, we’re at nearly full employment and many jobs are going begging because of not enough qualified applicants. With our birth rate we need immigrants.

        • drowningpuppies says:

          For some reason the little guy equates speeding and jaywalking with illegal entry into the U.S.

          Another not even wrong argument.
          Look it up, little dumbass.

        • david7134 says:

          Why do we need immigrants?(we can just do away with social programs that don’t pay for themselves). Why is it so necessary to take in a bunch of criminals? Unregulated immigration has always ended badly for the country to which the immigrants are going (again, read some history). Would you be willing to accept a compromise that these immigrants can go ahead and live here, but never, ever have full citizenship and that the original immigrants and there progeny will never have the vote?

        • But we have a tradition of metered enforcement and prosecution of many laws.

          Inefficiency is not a American “tradition”. Nor is corruption.

          In America, we aspire to better than an infinite number of laws that depend on the arbitrary enforcement of the whims of officials and petty bureaucrats. Laws should be enforced. If you have no intention of enforcing the laws, don’t run for “chief executive of the branch of government that enforces laws”. If you believe laws are stupid, get them changed. But when a president uses executive power to declare a law moot, he is usurping the powers of the legislature and the judiciary. That is not our way.

        • If I agree with your “we NEED immigrants argument” can we at least pick the smart, wealthy, talented ones who speak English and want to be more like us?

    • Right, deporting 800K people who are unlawfully present would so upset Americans. Most do not give a damn about illegal aliens.

      Actually, let me amend that: most people who say they care about illegals only care in theory. Sure, they’ll make some noise, go to a few demonstrations, but, really they’re just a convenient virtue signaling means.

  2. There is already a permanent solution. Send them home. Force them to comply with our law. In the absence of changes to the law, the existing law is the law.

    • Jeffery says:


      Do you agree that we should fully enforce the federal drug laws as they pertain to marijuana possession and go into states such as Alaska, Arizona, Montana, Michigan, Colorado etc and start rounding up folks?

      The law is the law.

      • gitarcarver says:


        Do you agree what we shouldn’t prosecute for any federal crimes such as kidnapping, murder, violations of the Interstate Commerce Act, etc?

        After all, you and people of your ilk believe that the law isn’t the law.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Strawman alert!

        The little dumbass is at it again…

      • Yes. The law is the law and the laws against marijuana use/possession don’t require “rounding up”.

        • Jeffery says:

          Au contraire. If these states won’t support the federal law, federal agents (DEA) will have to swoop in and capture the criminals. The law’s the law. These 28 states are defying federal law. Should the federales threaten to stop all aid to these states until they comply?

          • What part of “enforce the law” are you having trouble with? You seem to be trying to get me to agree that weed should be an exception to enforcement. Enforce the law. If it’s a stupid law, change the law. This isn’t that hard of a concept.

            Allow me to anticipate your next “but what if” argument.

            Enforce the law.

      • Dana says:

        I cannot speak for the esteemed professor, but I certainly agree with that!

  3. Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

    Well Jeff, since the left in general and you and particular call everyone that disagrees with you a “Nazi” and the like, and your brethren deny to this day that the KKK was and is a dem created/run group, the progressives inspired the Nazi eugenics movement and you are to the man liars, there is no point in arguing a point with you. You (plural) do not argue in good faith. I stand by my statement, calling a fellow a Nazi/KKK/skinhead in person is likely to earn a beating.

    • Jeffery says:

      Violence and threats are another sign.

    • Jeffery says:

      As you know, there are levels of white nationalism less extreme than carrying torches, shouting “Jews won’t replace us!” and spitting on the “mud people”. tRump tapped into the fear of many whites that they were losing their economic and social privilege to the “other”, Muslims, non-white immigrants, Blacks etc. He was able to pit the white working class against these other “less American” groups. He wasn’t the first, just the best. He is relentless. There’s a reason the neo-Nazis and openly white supremacists stand by tRump and to a lesser extent, the GOP.

      You (and tRump) have been forced into defending neo-Nazis and white power extremists. Sad.

      • Jeff,
        Which of your White Nationalist friends supported Trump and the GOP?

        • Jeffery says:


          You seem hypersensitive to the fact that white nationalists supported tRump. That doesn’t mean that you and Hillbilly are white nationalists. Although almost all white nationalists supported tRump that doesn’t mean that all supporters of tRump are white nationalists. I know several decent folks who voted for tRump but are now very quiet about it.

          We’re sure that most people who self-identify as Republicans voted for tRump, but that doesn’t suggest they are white nationalists – see the distinction?

          • Fargo says:

            I know several in fact a lot of Trump supporters who are NOT very quiet about it and in fact when we look at all hes done hes the first president thats actually done anything.

            Obama sat in the White house for 8 years doing nothing but regulating the economy into the dirt.

            1. The election of Trump meant the world was gonna tank. The world was facing economic disaster. The dow just hit 25,000. A monsterous high. Interest rates are rising slowly which means a powerfully healthy economy.

            2. Is Trump keeping his promises on manufacturing? RAILS CNN. And the United States has added 138,000 manufacturing jobs so far this year, far better than the 34,000 factory jobs lost over the same period last year. Last year’s losses reinforced President Trump’s portrayal of manufacturing in a long decline.

            3. Unemployment rate. This year a remarkable 12 states have recorded their lowest unemployment rates since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began tracking state figures in 1976, and California matched its previous low. DAYUM 9 of those 12 states are BLUE STATES. Stupid rich states need to be taxed more.

            4. Unemployment is at the lowest rate since 2000.

            Im proud to have voted for TRUMP. Proud.

            Yesterday the DOJ reopens a criminal investigation of HRC and her emails. The FBI is investigating Uranium One. The left wanted a witch hunt. Let it begin and if you bring down Trump I can guarantee you that the next democratic president will be paralyzed with inability to function as the right takes to the streets and makes what the left is doing to Trump look like childs play.

            Sad for America that either side cant get along anymore. Civil war is coming.

          • Dana says:

            And you seem to be perfectly happy knowing that black nationalists, #BlackLivesMatter goons, warmunists, Antifas who hide behind masks, Special Snowflakesâ„¢, singles who can’t find decent marital partners, homosexuals and other sexual deviants supported Hillary Clinton.

            The vast majority of the people we actually want and need in America voted against Mrs Clinton; the majority of the people without whom we’d be better off voted for her.

      • Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

        “As you know, there are levels of white nationalism less extreme than carrying torches…” So what you’re saying is that it’s “dog whistle” white nationalism?

        “You (and tRump) have been forced into defending neo-Nazis and white power extremists. Sad.” Noone here has defended white nationalism/naziism/KKK,but you have repeatedly labelled many of us by those terms. Those of us that have family members that fought in WW2, those of us whose families were terrorized by the KKK, take a strong exception to being labelled thus.

        As far as threats, I’m too old and tired for threats. Be certain that if some fellow walked up to me and called me the filthy lies that come out of your dirty whore mouth, I would curb stomp the hell out of them.

        I’m working on a job site in Brentwood. Drive up. You could walk up to the first guy you see and tell them you’re looking for “Jerry the Jew” who’s an electrical operator. They’ll show you where I am. Look for the long haired fellow with a long Jesus beard that looks like an extra for Vikings. Call me a Nazi and see how I react in person, call it an “experiment”.

  4. ” I know several decent folks who voted for tRump but are now very quiet about it.”

    Maybe they learned to be quiet about it around you because you are a jerk? Decent folks are like that. Avoiding conflict. Most Trump supporters have learned very quickly that disgruntled Hillary supporters are violent and irrational. Naturally, this would fall into the “things we don’t talk about” around the people who just can’t shut up about how much they hate Trump and his supporters.

    • Jeffery says:

      Maybe they read tRump’s tweets and listen to his “speeches”. Maybe they are concerned with tRump’s coming obstruction of justice charges. Maybe they are concerned about his business dealings while in office. Maybe they worry about his mental instability. Many are fleeing him because of his unstable temperament.

      Note that although tRump received millions fewer votes than Secretary Clinton, 46% of voters DID vote for him. Based on poll after poll this past year millions of tRump voters have disavowed him. We assume those that no longer support him were more moderate than his remaining far-right hard core supporters. Many a Con Man sticks with tRump because he will push and sign traditional Con legislation they want: repeal the ACA, tax cuts for the wealthy, American isolationism, cutting SS, Medicare and Medicaid. My friends, colleagues and relatives who voted for tRump by and large were sick and tired of Clinton and Washington business as usual. Many thought tRump would be better than he has been, but he’s much worse than even I thought he would be. He’s unfit to be our President.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        The rantings of a pathetic coward and unrepentant childfvcker who can’t accept being a loser.

        Rave on, little guy, rave on…

      • Dana says:

        Jeffrey opined:

        He’s unfit to be our President.

        He’s a native born American citizen over the age of 35; that makes him qualified.

        President Trump hasn’t done everything I’d like to have seen him get done, and yeah, he’s a blowhard, but he has accomplished some good things, and he has saved us from having Hillary Clinton as President. That’s a pretty good record as far as I am concerned.

        • Jeffery says:

          Dana typed:

          He’s a native (sic) born American citizen over the age of 35; that makes him qualified.

          These folks were/are qualified too. Charles Manson. Bernie Madoff. Timothy McVeigh (OK, you probably think he WAS fit to be President). Stephen Paddock. Ted Cruz (oops, he was born in Canada). Ted Bundy.

          Being a natural born citizen, at least 35, a permanent resident for 14 or more years and not been President twice before is not such a high bar. O.J. Simpson qualifies! Jeffrey Dahmer was in the GOP bullpen but was killed in prison at 34.

          Do you think these “qualified” folks are all fit to be President?

          We sincerely hoped that tRump would be a better man as President than was evidenced by his earlier life. Alas and alack, that is not the case. He is in over his head and needs to go. You should support deposing him in that you’ll get the “qualified” Mike Pence, more of a Con Man than tRump.

          • Fargo says:

            Well you thought the Felon Hillary Clinton was fit to be prez. The one reported to be in a drunken rage after losing the election. The one who falls down during campaigns and is a known alchoholic. That one was certainly mentally fit for prez.

            Bernie Sanders the communist was your guy, most likely bought and paid for by the kremlin. Hes certainly at the top of everyones list.

            Pochahantas who cant even tell the truth about her own heritage. Who steal the honor of real natural born citizens to land kush jobs and get elected to congress. Shes really a gem.

            Barak Obama whom we are now learning broke more laws than the previous 43 president combined and his action were they not covered up by a disgusting press would have netted him a trip aboard marine one to the airport.

            The worst is probably the deep state non elected people who think they are above the law and run the country on their own wims.

            I still find it funny how the left is obsessed with Trump who is playing them like a fiddle. His tweets has them in a rage. Seething mindless rage as he TROLLS THEM LIKE JEFFERY TROLLS THE PIRATES COVE….LOLOLOLOL.

            And jeffery falls hook line and sinker for it. I wonder if his catering business knows he hacks up lugies if he knows they are conservatives.

          • Dana says:

            If the President should happen to leave office early due to a serious health crisis, I’d be very pleased to have Mr Pence step in, but no, no way in Hell would any sensible person — sensible being defined as not a liberal — want to see the left get its way and depose him. He was duly elected as President of the United States by the voters of the United States.

            Perhaps y’all could impeach him, claiming that as Commander-in-Chief, he’s actually a soldier, and that he’s thus in violation of the Third Amendment for living rent-free in your heads.

  5. “…but he’s much worse than even I thought he would be.”

    And your opinion matters because ??

    How do you ever get to be much worse than literally Hitler? How do you ever get to be much worse than “he is going to destroy the planet and ruin the economy? How do you get much worse than “we will never recover”?

    You can only go back to the hyperbole well a few times before rational people stop caring what you have to say. That’s all Jeff has. Lies, half truths, hyperbole, Democratic campaign talking points, character assassination. He isn’t even interesting. I’m going back to look as the bikinis.

  6. Fargo says:

    And the latest news is now surfacing that HRC campaign paid up to 10 million for 1000’s of trolls to troll trump and conservative websites.

    LOLOL. And now CNN is reporting that Russia used Pokemon to incite the left. If pokemon can incite the left then there is no longer any hope for those loons. Seriously.

    • Dana says:

      There never was hope for the loons on the left. Any liberal who actually understood business, economics, foreign policy or the real world wouldn’t be a liberal anymore.

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