Washington Post Blamestorms Trump For Rising Hate Crimes In 2015 And 2016

Remember the days when it was all about Barack Obama inheriting problems from President George W. Bush? Those days went all the way through his first term, and a little bit into his second. Of course, Donald Trump is president now, so, everything must be blamed/linked to him

Hate in America is on the rise

A NEW FBI report on hate crimes tells a sobering story. For the second year in a row, police departments across the country reported a rise in the number of crimes motivated by bias.

In 2016, the FBI counted 6,121 reported incidents nationwide — an increase of 4.6 percent from 2015, during which 5,850 cases were reported. That number, in turn, marked a 6.8 percent increase in reported hate crimes over 2014. Roughly 58 percent of such attacks last year were motivated by racial bias, of which about half targeted African Americans. Of the 21 percent of crimes fueled by animosity toward the victim’s religion, more than half the attacks were aimed at Jews, a quarter at Muslims.

Meanwhile, crimes against Latinos and against white people rose 15 percent and 17 percent, respectively, from 2015. Crimes against transgender people went up 44 percent.

Who was president in 2015 and 2016? Who had been president since 2009, and oversaw all these supposed rises in hate crimes? The Washington Post editorial board can’t remember

The FBI’s report doesn’t draw conclusions as to what might be behind this disturbing rise in hate. But it’s noteworthy that many of the groups against whom crimes rose by double digits were the focus of inflammatory rhetoric by Donald Trump over the course of his presidential campaign. Likewise, the FBI data shows a sharp rise in bias-motivated incidents in the months around the 2016 election — confirming reports by the Anti-Defamation League and others of a surge of attacks on Muslims and Jews in the wake of Mr. Trump’s election.

Except, he wasn’t railing against Jews, white people, or African Americans as groups. Notice that hate crimes against Jews constituted half the reports, only 25% against Muslims. Guess who is loathed by Progressives? That’s right, Jews.

Regardless, it’s very easy and typical of the #Resist media to attempt to blamestorm Trump on everything, to scapegoat him, because they are deranged.

Police departments should work to provide the federal government with more complete data. But taking this rise in hate seriously also requires that law enforcement officials cultivate trust with the communities they serve. Victims need to know they will be treated with respect if they come forward — especially in the current political environment, where many may be particularly fearful.

They should provide the complete data. Especially when so many end up being hoaxes.

What they also do not mention is that, in a country of 300+ million people, as well as all the people here on visas, there were only 6,121 incidents. Or that the worst states are Democratic Party run states, like California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Washington. Again, the stats don’t matter to the WPEB, because they have a narrative known as Trump Derangement Syndrome. Much like the NY Times Editorial Board tries to scapegoat Trump on how long it’s taking for Puerto Rico to recover. Which it is. Because everything was damaged/destroyed. It takes a while when all the roads were destroyed. And takes awhile for the roads to be made passable. Half are. Perhaps they should visit the FEMA website, or actually go to PR and help out.

Oh, BTW, how many of the hate crimes were committed by Leftists who were losing their minds in 2016?

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28 Responses to “Washington Post Blamestorms Trump For Rising Hate Crimes In 2015 And 2016”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Remember the days when it was all about Barack Obama inheriting problems from President George W. Bush?

    Remember the days called the Great Recession, the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression? What did tRump inherit, an expanding economy that continued to leave the working classes behind?

    Guess who is loathed by Progressives? That’s right, Jews.

    Nonsense. Most Jews ARE progressive and vote for progressive Democrats. America’s resurrected Nazis love them some tRump, even as the GOP distances themselves. Remember “Jews Won’t Replace Us!” Yup, tRump supporters chanted that and tRump rewarded them as “fine people”.

    For years, right-wing propagandists have demagogued Mexicans, Muslims, LGBTs and Blacks. The right-wing movement is a white Christian party.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      We get it, little guy.
      You hate Trump.
      You hate Whites.
      You hate Christians.
      You hate Reality.
      You hate America.
      All because the Heifer lost.

      Whining not Winning, little bitch.
      We get it.

  2. Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

    You are dangerously insane. For your sake and for your family’s sake, seek professional help. You no longer have any grasp on reality. My worry is that you, like many crazy leftists, will go on a mass killing. Your racism and anti Christian bigotry makes me think that you’ll target a church.

    • Dana says:

      Well, now, wait a second. The left believe that any accusation of an unstable personality or dangerous potential ought to be enough for the Gendarmerie to swoop in and seize all of your firearms, and Jeffrey has told us that yes, he owns firearms. ‘Twould seem to me that your comment — and, if you live in St Louis, you live somewhat close to him — would constitute sufficient cause for the left to justify disarming Jeffrey, and possibly hauling him in for a court-ordered psychological evaluation.

    • Jeffery says:


      Thanks for your diagnosis. Did you “graduate” from the same med school as dave?

      Do YOU not remember the Great Recession c. 2007? (We know, we know… the ignorati right blame it all on Bill Clinton and Black homeowners).

      Do YOU believe that most progressives loathe Jews? (Can you give one iota of evidence to support this ridiculous view?)

      Do YOU not believe that the neoNazis, white nationalists and KKK members once again rearing their ugly heads are mostly Republican voters and on the right side of the political spectrum? (tRump was last out of the gate recognizing that neoNazis, white nationalists and Klansters are not welcome in America, except in the bowels of the far-right. “Fine” people indeed!). The only dead person was an innocent woman run down by a white nationalist.

      Please feel free to discuss any or all of these.

      Those were the points. Why do you assume others will commits acts of mass violence when it’s much more likely someone of your “bent” will shoot up a Mosque or church than a progressive? It’s hard to keep up because it seems to occur weekly, but the most recent church massacres were committed by white males. Thanksgiving day, a white Christian pastor shot and killed his family of 3 in Virginia. In November a white male armed with an AR-15 type rifle killed 26 in a Texas church. These are facts, they are not in dispute. Can white Christian males just “snap” at any time and open fire on innocents?

      When will moderate white, Christian males take control of their more radical and violent brethren?

      All the time, commenters here call me sick, mentally ill, hateful, racist etc just for asking questions and pointing out inconsistencies. Few want to talk about issues. You will need to step up your game.

      And as a supporter of our 2nd Amendment, I most likely have many more firearms than you do, although no AR-15s. I have no plans to shoot anyone. Do you?

  3. Dana says:

    I thought you understood: everything bad was George Bush’s fault, right up until November 8, 2016. After that, it all became Donald Trump’s fault.

    President Saint Barack Hussein Obama was responsible only for goodness and light.

    • McGehee says:

      Some leftists blamed GWB for things that happened long before he ran for president. It’s one of the reasons the meme that Ted Cruz — born 1970 — was the Zodiac Killer in 1968, was so obviously absurd and yet a lot of people appear to have bought into it.

    • Jeffery says:

      Dana makes a good point.

      The great Reagan economy took off during Clinton’s two terms. Clinton’s misdeeds caused the Great Recession 7 years after he left office. Obama contributed to the Great Recession years before he became our last popularly elected President. The steady improvement in the economy during President Obama’s two terms resulted from W’s steady handling and the foreshadowing of a tRump “presidency”. The improving economy today is all tRump’s doings.

      • Fargo says:

        During Clintons two terms the Republicans were in control of both houses of congress. They make laws and back in those days actually passed budgets. In fact it was a REPUBLICAN CONGRESS that balanced the budget even though dumbshit democrats take credit because Clinton signed off on the budget.

        Never ceases to amaze me at how misinformed people are on the internet.

        1995-2001 the Republicans held not only the Senate but the US house of representatives.

        The years the budget was balanced were: A wonderful fact check by CNN..this is why no one believes much of what they say.

        The U.S. government suffered budget deficits every year from 1970 through 1997.
        – Democrat Bill Clinton was president in 1998, when the government finally recorded a surplus.
        – There also were budget surpluses in 1999, 2000 and in 2001. 2001 was the last year the Clinton administration proposed the budget.

        In February 2007, President Bush addressed the rise of inequality for the first time, saying “The reason is clear: We have an economy that increasingly rewards education and skills because of that education

        The Democrats DECRIED this as baloney. So what did OBAMA and PELOSI do when they came to power. Took over the student loan and sent everyone to college. Additionally Obama actually cut taxes even more his first couple years in office.

        Politics is the BIG LIE. They will say anything to gain power. and YOU my friends are the pawns.

  4. Jeffery says:

    GW Bush had 3 basic flaws, all related to policy. 1. He supported conservative policies, in general. 2. He invaded and occupied Iraq for no good reason. 3. He supported massive tax cuts for the wealthy.

    It’s arguable whether a “good” man could have engineered the ill-conceived invasion of Iraq, that even the odious tRump opposed (after it was politically useful to do so – he either supported the invasion or was non-committal before the invasion). Klassic tRump. Personally, I believe GW Bush WAS a good man who was weak in the face of the neo-cons like Cheney, Rice, Wolfowitz and the FOX News crowd.

    • McGehee says:

      Good news: I can pat your head now. There. I needed to go wash my hands anyway, so…

    • Dana says:

      The younger President Bush was a good man, who unfortunately knuckled under to some other people, but those other people were the Democrats, on Medicare Part D, No Child Left Behind and non-enforcement of our immigration laws.

      • Jeffery says:

        So the Dems made him do it?

        Repubs in both the House (185-34) and Senate (43-6) overwhelmingly supported No Child Left Behind.

        Medicare Part D (House GOP, 207-19)(Senate GOP, 40-9)

        • Jeffery says:

          Medicare Part D was enacted less than a year before the 2004 election, and was a campaign ploy for Bush and the GOP to get re-elected.

  5. jl says:

    “He supported massive tax cuts for the wealthy..”. J mis-representing history again, what a surprise. All brackets received cuts under that plan, as J knows. The proper termology would be “tax cuts for the people who pay taxes”,

  6. Fargo says:

    2. He invaded and occupied Iraq for no good reason.

    I guess you forget as you argue about how all progressive love Israel that Saddam Hussein in Iraq was paying suicide bombers FAMILIES in Israel 25,000 dollars per year for LIFE to blow up Israelis. He Gased the Iranians. He was pursuing WMD’s and showed he had zero compunction to use them. What was not known in this case was how effecting the Israelis strike on his nuclear facilities had been.

    It was those loving Antifa Progressives who led the marches in the streets calling Bush Hitler and Now Trump is a Fascist.

    It worked for you guys once. Somehow I dont think it will work again. Bush was Hitler. Trump is a Fascist is not going to work with this president for one simple reason. GWB played the old game of politics by absorbing the blows and doing his job. Trump fights back at every turn while ignoring congress and getting things done like Obama did….with a cell phone and a stroke of a pen.

    • Jeffery says:

      Are you sure the invasion and occupation of Iraq stabilized the middle east and made Israel safer?

      • Fargo says:

        Let me ask you a question. If Kim Jung Un was paying the families of suicide bombers in the USA 50k a year for life would you be in favor of it? Would invading North Korea make the USA safer or less safe.

        Israel is much safer now that pre 911. Why? I can tell your a progressive.

        The USA has forces occupying countries in the Middle East. There are not going to be too many pushes by Lebanon to attack Israel when their entire army would be destroyed overnight by a 1000 b52, B1, B2 and F117 strikes from Diego Garcia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Lousiana. Not to mention several other places the planes are located.

        So yes. Strategically the USA has by their very presence in the region stabilized Israel. Think back to how many invasions Israel was forcing into Palestine pre 911 and then how many they have had to undertake since 911.

        1987 December – First Intifada uprising begins in Occupied Territories. Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza forms Hamas movement, which rapidly turns to violence against Israel.

        HRC’s personal assistant worked for the Muslim Brotherhood as did her mother. And people wonder why this woman is just plain evil.

        Is Israel safer now than they were under Obama. YES. Everyone understands Trump has their Backs. Under Obama he worked to defeat a sitting prime minister…How awesome is that. I wonder what our response would be if Russia set up a headquarters and funnelled millions of dollars into defeating HRC or OBAMA or Pelosi. Of course if he did that to defeat Trump the Left would be all over that volunteering to help.

        Politics is a big lie. Anyone who tries to defend anything but the truth is really just trolling you.

  7. Fargo says:

    Let me add. FDR had so many of his programs struck down by the supreme court yet he kept right on throwing them out there and forcing the courts to fit in to their docket his policies. Trump is actually so much smarter than any politician since FDR. He is throwing out his policies and making people sue him. While they are busy doing that he is throwing out 20 more.

    Good luck swatting the flies….he learned from FDR how to be president.

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