We Must Limit Our Economic Growth To Stop ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Funny how so much of what climate scam cultists want is to knock the human race back hundreds and hundreds of years economically

Our addiction to growth is harming the climate
We must wean ourselves off unsustainable economic growth if we are to cut greenhouse gas emissions and avoid catastrophic climate change, say some economists. But what are the alternatives to growth?

Electing Leftists usually limits economic growth.

On the way home from work in your electric car, you stop off at the local discount store and pick up some beef for dinner. The meat was shipped in from Brazil to Germany. The land where the cow grazed was once rainforest. The nickel used in the car made its way from a polluting mine in the Philippines to a European assembly line.

Extracting, producing and shipping both products involved vast amounts of energy, resources, and greenhouse gas emissions. Taken in isolation, that’s not a big deal, you might think. But the scale of consumption — particularly in industrialized countries — and the the relentless pursuit of goods and services, is putting a huge strain on the planet’s ecosystems and atmosphere, say scientists.

In 2017, Earth Overshoot Day — the date when humanity spent Earth’s resource budget to live sustainably for the year — fell on August 2. In 1987, it landed on December 9. Today, we need 1.7 planets to meet our consumption demands — and that number could rise to two planets by 2030.

Unless we get that growth under control, not only will we be facing an “ecosystem collapse” due to the loss of species and conversion of land for industry and agriculture, we won’t be able to stop global warming, according to some economists.

You get the idea: these people hate people living a modern economic life. What to do?

In the US and Europe, the idea of “degrowth” — a movement around downsizing production and consumption, and moving the economy away from infinite expansion in a just and equitable way — is gaining traction.

That’s partly because of the growing gap between rich and poor. Part of the problem is that we measure society’s economic progress and well-being using Gross Domestic Product (GDP), say some economists.

Strange: I’m getting the idea that this whole ‘climate change’ movement is intertwined with all the other Statist/Progressive ideas. But, hey, if these climate scammers really believe this stuff, they should practice what they preach. Oh, wait…

On an individual level, “degrowthers” might choose not to fly or drive a car but they say environmental problems are not individual problems. Solutions must be political and community-based.

In other words, forcing everyone else to comply per government force.

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5 Responses to “We Must Limit Our Economic Growth To Stop ‘Climate Change’ Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    One wonders if Jennifer Collins, the author, scratched out this article on recycled paper, using ink made from berries with her natural quill pen, or used a top-of-the-line computer, employing a program from Microsoft, to post on the internet using electricity? Did she wake up in a nice, warm, heated home this morning, taking a nice hot shower while shaving her legs baby smooth, or did she get up in a cold log cabin, stoking the fire — which still emits CO²! — before going down to bathe in the ice-cold creek, with only the long hair on her legs to insulate her skin?

    Let’s tell the truth: the anti-growthers are the ones who are already settled, and set, for life. They mouth (type?) platitudes for the poor, but have no understanding of them. A well-to-do woman like her, living in prosperous Deutschland, has no flaming idea about how people living in central Africa, trying to feed their five children, live.

    Ending growth means that everyone on earth starts to live poorer, every year, because there are more people on earth every single day. Oh, of course, she probably thinks in terms of highly edumacated Western women, who think in terms of no children, or one, at the very most, and have Western society in which to live, and be supported in her choices.

    Of course, forty years from now, she’ll be expecting her little white — dare I say Aryan? — self to be supported by all of the brown immigrants Reichskanzler Merkel is bringing in, never even considering that the Muslim immigrants, stuck in the no-growth economy Fraulein Collins advocates, thinks that a larger share of the dwindling per capita economy ought to go to support their brown children rather than the elderly white leftists they despise.

  2. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host erred:

    You get the idea: these people hate people living a modern economic life.

    No, these people hate other people living a modern economic life. For themselves, well, they’ve earned it, haven’t they?

  3. Rotterdam says:

    The only case she is really making is the Globalist economy that George Soros and Hillary Clinton espoused along with the worlds elite. She talks about how we get our products globally to pollute the world.

    She is making the case against globalism and better trade agreements that limit economic transfers of wealth rather than enhance them.

    Its strange how Liberal activists really fail to grasp the true meanings of their own words put to paper.

  4. Jeffery says:

    The US economy does better with Democratic Presidents than Republican presidents.

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