Governor Moonbeam Takes Long Fossil Fueled Flight To Deliver Blunt Message Or Something

When Warmists wonder why so many think they are just full of mule fritters, that the whole thing is a scam, well, it’s hypocritical things like this that drive the narrative

California Gov. Jerry Brown delivers a blunt climate change message in Germany

Taking his crusade against climate change to the capital of Germany’s car-making heartland on his whirlwind tour of Europe, Gov. Jerry Brown warned Wednesday the whole world needs to wake up to the perils of warming temperatures and promised the United States would one day be back to work on global solutions with the international community.

In the middle of a 10-day visit to four countries en route to a major United Nations conference on climate change in Bonn, Brown used blunt language in an address to lawmakers in the Baden-Wuertemberg state assembly in Stuttgart to make his case that stronger action is needed to fight a global rise in temperatures.

That’s quite a lot in terms of fossil fuels, eh? The carbon footprint is 7.22 metric tons. Each way. Which is larger than the footprints of most people in 3rd world countries have in a year. This doesn’t even cover all the vehicle use, fancy hotels, food. Oh, and it calculates using business class, when he probably flew private.

“Human civilization is on the chopping block — that’s a big thought,” said Brown, governor of the most populous U.S. state.

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8 Responses to “Governor Moonbeam Takes Long Fossil Fueled Flight To Deliver Blunt Message Or Something”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Warmists wonder why so many think they are just full of mule fritters

    So many? You spend too much time in the right-wing cloister. America stands alone. It’s mostly the American right-wing, who in 2008 decided global warming denialism was a winning political strategy. Most of the rest of the reasoning world disagrees with the far right.

    • drowningpuppies says:


      “We haven’t seen that rapid acceleration in warming after 2000 that we see in the models,” said Myles Allen, professor of geosystem science at Oxford and one of the authors of the study. “We haven’t seen that in the observations.”
      Based on the U.N.’s models, temperatures should have been shooting up sharply starting in about 1995. By this year, model temperatures show we should have had just under a 1.0 degree centigrade rise in temperature, a significant temperature spike in what is, in geological time, an extremely short period. It was those models that were used to sell the world on the idea that we needed a drastic reordering of our global economic priorities immediately.

      The reality: virtually no change in temperature. Put simply, the models are wrong.

    • Dana says:

      Looks like “the American right-wing” was right, that “global warming denialism was a winning political strategy,” as is evidenced by Republican majorities in the House, the Senate, and the majority of state legislative chambers and gubernatorial mansions.

      Hillary Clinton did not have a party yesterday to celebrate her history-making victory.

  2. rotterdam says:

    It was those models that were used to sell the world on the idea that we needed a drastic reordering of our global economic priorities immediately

    AGW is a communist plot to destabilize the West. Extort trillions from them and to take the power they have, literally and turn them into third world countries.

    They do this in two ways.

    Massive infiltration of socialist immigrants.
    AGW shaming.

    Its working so far. In the near future the world will think they have won while at the same time the Rainforests keep disappearing and the world comes to a basic end and once communism is in charge around the globe does anyone really think that they will care if the world is dying. Look at China. They shut down all their factories and automobiles for Trumps visit so the air would be clean, but when no ones looking people walk the streets with gas masks.

    Does anyone really think the communists will care when they have won?

    Yes I know many scientists who keep their own research to themselves but who believe that by 2100 the worlds population will be 1/2 of what it is now and by 2200 we will be barely surviving at all having totally depleted the Ozone layer.

    CO2 is not the culprit at all. Nor is AGW but because fossil fuels produce Co2 what better way to go after the west.

    Every National security agency in the world knows that the internet is full of communist agents blogging and commenting, being paid by China, Russia, NOKO and many other countries. Both pro and con on almost every hot button issue. Jeffery No doubt is a paid agent of one of these countries.

  3. Jeffery says:

    Doom and gloom predictions from rot:

    Over the next 83 years, humans will die off to 1/2 the current population. (Scientists who study such things DO show a slowing of the world’s population growth, but not a loss of some 4 billion humans.)

    Over the next 183 years, humans will die off to only a few surviving. (Not even the most outrageous “warmist” makes this claim).

    This will happen because of rainforest and ozone depletion but has NOTHING to do with carbon dioxide. (Questions: What is causing the ozone depletion? What is the mechanism for rainforest depletion to kill billions of humans?)

    AGW is a communist plot aided by communist bloggers and commenters paid by China, Russia, North Korea and other countries. (This from a commenter who claims to live in a socialist nation).

    I’m a paid agent of China, Russia, North Korea or some other country. (Yet, it’s tRump and his cronies who turn out to be associated with and paid by the Russians, no me.)

    An aside: Other pollution, in addition to CO2, IS a problem! The depletion of the oxone layer IS a problem! The depletion of the rain forests IS a problem! The world’s citizens need to work on all these issues simultaneously.

  4. rotterdam says:

    Paid Communist hacks are what keep the eyes focused on a contrived agenda in order to destroy the wests financial ability to compete globally while the real problems of this world go unattended to.

    The comment by Jeffery is the absolute reason why this planet is doomed. Both sides of the isle are so busy beating each other up that they don’t even realize that all the sane, rational people have fled and their is a fire in the other room with all the doors and windows chained shut.

    Let me repeat to all you warmists out there. You have been duped. I do not care if you build a billion windmills and turn off all the oil and gas in the world. You are still going to die because no ones paying attention to the cancer that is eating this planet.

    So go right on screaming at each other. Go ahead. Ignore the clear cutting of the rainforests and the destruction of the Phytoplankton which gives us both a co2 sink and produces rain, oxygen and medicines.

    GO right ahead. Let the paid political hacks like Jeffery destroy the world. You will be glad you spent your lifetimes arguing about co2 instead of the rainforests and Nitrogen fertilizers.

    Your great grand children will be thrilled that not only is there nothing to eat, drink or buy, but they will thank you for not being able to breath as well.

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