Surprise: Senate Democrats Throw Around Lies On Republican Tax Plan

And the lie itself is very interesting. The Washington Post’s fact checker, Glenn Kessler, knocks it down. He starts out by noting the tweets of several Senate Dems, such as Excitable Kamala Harris, Robert Casey, and Jeff Merkley, where they tell us that families making $86000 and under will see a tax increase of $794, like

The Harris and Casey ones look to have been deleted, but, plenty of others are pushing this meme

We traced the talking point to a document put out by the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, essentially the communications arm of Senate Democrats. That document laid out a series of statistics, tailored for each individual state, that purported to show how damaging the evolving Republican tax plan would be for middle-class Americans.

That document had this line on each state page: “The average tax increase on families nationwide earning up to $86,100 would be $794, a significant burden for middle-class families.”

Now, Kessler goes into more detail on this, and ends up giving it 4 Pinocchios. And, let’s remember, this was before the plan was released (I’m not touching anything on the plan till I have a chance to actually see it, but, from early reports, it’s a cockup of all sorts of different things, many of which do not make sense).

What is more interesting is that Democrats are pitching a fit over what they used to consider to be chump change. Remember, peoples’ health insurance costs going up hundreds or thousands of dollars is considered chump change. Saving millions, even billions, by doing away with idiot programs is not worth it, because that’s chump change. Oh, and my bigger point and focus is on all the ‘climate change’ initiatives, such as carbon taxes/fees. Reports say that people will pay anywhere from $300 to $3000 more a year due to the policies of the Cult of Climastrology.

We’re told constantly that a couple hundred here, a couple hundred there is just chump change. Even though these same Warmists refuse to change their own lives voluntarily to accords with their talking points.

So, $794 is HUGE!!!!! But, thousands more, while limiting freedom, liberty, the ability to easily travel, and so forth is a big nothingburger in Warmist World.

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2 Responses to “Surprise: Senate Democrats Throw Around Lies On Republican Tax Plan”

  1. Bob spelled backwards says:

    The left is entirely peopled by liars and imbeciles, this is no surprise.

  2. Rotterdam says:

    The lying swamp released a paper that is so full of garbage lies that it is mind boggling.

    one of their great talking points about Wyoming is this:

    In 2015, 380,181 Wyoming tax filers deducted their mortgage interest payments
    from their taxes.

    I used Wyoming as an example because it is one of those small red states with the least population in the USA. The talking point for every state seems to be almost identical in terms of how much electricity, child care etc.

    Wyoming population is 585,000. So the home ownership in this state is astronomically high given that property values in Wyoming are pretty hefty given the median income.

    Can’t you guys smell the mortgage industry paying 100’s of millions under the table to their demcocratic and republican donors to lie about this.

    All the pacts affected by this are threatening the democrats if they dont throw a hissy fit just like the insurance company did with the ACA then when Obama said here you guys write your own bill, they were like all jacking off in the closets together until they realized that they had destroyed their own industry with their pathetic bill.

    To even think that people will stop buying houses because they cant deduct their mortgage interest is ludicrous.

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