Warmist Bill McKibben Wonders If Trump Could Break Up The USA Or Something

This comes via Jazz Shaw at Hot Air, where he notes that Excitable Bill McKibben wants to Blame Trump

Could Trump break up the United States?

My debut novel comes out next week — it is (I hope) a funny chronicle of my home state of Vermont contemplating secession. But I can’t stop wondering if our erratic president has sown so much division that the vision of a truly United States may start to blur for real, not just in fiction — if scenes like the ones from the recent secession referendum in Catalonia might lie in our future too.

We live at an unprecedented moment, when Washington has abandoned its usual unifying role: We have ceased all federal efforts to deal with climate change, even as it takes its toll on California, Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. The White House is trying systematically to dismantle our not-very-robust health care system, even as the nation’s life expectancy starts to slip. Congress fixates on cutting taxes on the rich, even as inequality reaches record heights. Our president indulges in race-baiting, even as our population accelerates its long demographic shift. Every one of those trends is impossible to maintain, and yet that’s where we are — and, daily now, new hard-right federal judges come on board, locking in place those outdated attitudes.

But it’s also possible that the unprecedented weirdness continues — even into another presidential term. And if it does, it’s worth asking what else unprecedented will start to happen. My guess is that many places will start cutting whatever ties they can with D.C. and try to figure out how to go it increasingly alone. My novel not withstanding, secession probably won’t begin in a small, graying state like Vermont (the threat to Social Security payments would likely be threat enough). But, say, California?

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3 Responses to “Warmist Bill McKibben Wonders If Trump Could Break Up The USA Or Something”

  1. Jack Shaw says:

    I think McKibben is on to something here. I don’t want to live in the same country with folks in the Blue states.I am against everything they stand for and promote.I think for America to survive we have to seperate into 2-3 countries.A 2016 election map shows blue states only on the outter edges of the United states;West coast, east coast, minn. The big middle of America are RED states that far out number the blues states.

    Why fight everyday about the environment, racism, correctness,these everday problems are mostly in blues states. the establishment Congress also is a huge problem. With a NEW america the Red states start with an all NEW Congress, all NEW judges, we can start America again from scrath. JS

  2. Jeffery says:

    I don’t want to live in the same country with folks in the Blue states

    But if the Blue states leave who will pay the bills for Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee… you know all those Red States that suck at the federal teat… a federal government paid for by New York, New Jersey, California, Connecticut etc.

    One solution is for you to move to another country. Can you think of another nation as conservative as Louisiana or Mississippi? The fact is, the far-right is a minority, even in this nation.

    Chile and The Phillipines have banned abortions. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Nigeria and few other nations have nearly as restrictive laws. Most Muslim minority nations and many South Asia countries ban homosexuality. Syria and Nicaragua didn’t sign the Paris Accord (the new country of Trumpistan backed out). On the other hand, it will be hard to find a nation with as lax gun laws as the US, although some of the socialist EU nations are close.

    Somewhere like Iraq or Nigeria could be perfect for you. Few abortions, gays jailed, no gay marriage, access to weapons…

    • Fargo says:

      You are the one conflating his remarks into something they are not. He is voicing an opinion that the USA might break up into two separate nations, not be forced to move to Nigeria because you have this bizarre notion that blue states are more important than red states and that if he is to be happy he must move to all those shitty third world countries.

      The United States is a symbiotic relationship. The blue states provide stuff. The red states provide stuff. Most of the blue states would starve to death if not for the red states. Tell me exactly how New Jersey is going to feed themselves or Rhode Island or Vermont. How is California going to get their good across the Red states without paying massive tolls. That in turn is going to drive the prices of goods flowing across the nation up for east and west coast states.

      Additionally the Teat as you put it is the maintenance of the interstate highways and railroads that the government has undertaken. And yes Rhode Island with its 3 miles of highways as opposed to Montana with its 100,000 miles of highways is a trade off.

      No state is more or less important in this nation of states. And that sir is the thinking of a communist whose first inclination is to drive out anyone who would dare think a divergent view of what you think.

      He did not say he wanted to leave the USA he expressed an opinion that is not only being expressed by Red staters but there has been a drive in California to secede from the union. Its not just the Red staters who hate everything about liberals it is the blue staters who have this same attitude about liberals. In fact one of the lefts most powerful groups is ANTIFA which is an anarchy group that seeks the destruction of the Union.

      Civil war is coming. There is no backing down now. It will however be a short war as all those blue staters wont have any guns to fight the war with. Then I suppose we can send those liberals to Saudia Arabia and Mexico and Venezuela and Russia and China where THEY will all be happy and snug as a bug in a rug.

      Right. Isn’t that what you were saying only in reverse? That if he doesn’t like Liberals he should leave, so I think its only fair that if liberals hate conservatives in the same scenario that they should leave and go to all those great commie countries they worship right now.

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