Good News: We Can Now Produce Electricity From Liberal Tears

And there are tons of liberal tears over everything. Someone says something mean? Tears. Writes something that is Wrongthink? Tears. Has an American flag? Massive abortion of Black babies? Well, more cheers from Liberals. But, now we can make energy with them. In theory (vie Watts Up With That?)

Irish scientists can now produce electricity from tears

A team of Irish scientists has discovered that applying pressure to a protein found in egg whites and tears can generate electricity. The researchers from the Bernal Institute, University of Limerick (UL), Ireland, observed that crystals of lysozyme, a model protein that is abundant in egg whites of birds as well as in the tears, saliva and milk of mammals can generate electricity when pressed. Their report is published today (October 2) in the journal, Applied Physics Letters.

The ability to generate electricity by applying pressure, known as direct piezoelectricity, is a property of materials such as quartz that can convert mechanicalenergy into electrical energy and vice versa. Such materials are used in a variety of applications ranging from resonators and vibrators in mobile phones to deep ocean sonars to ultrasound imaging. Bone, tendon and wood are long known to possess piezoelectricity.

We now need to do everything we can to hook up all the Warmists, and Leftists in general, to machines which will make them sad and weepy.

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2 Responses to “Good News: We Can Now Produce Electricity From Liberal Tears”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    If scientists could figure out a way to convert bitching about Trump to electricity the world’s energy problems would be solved by little jeffvckery alone.

  2. david7134 says:

    I have to agree, can’t even watch the news due to the made up junk.

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