Democrats Learn That Open Borders Dreamers Will Be A Problem

The illegal alien supporting Democrats learn of the notion of the law of unintended consequences, as Dreamers, whom the Democrats have patronized and supported, given them aid and comfort, become hardcore in their demands

(Daily Caller) A New York Times report Sunday claims that Democrats are facing opposition to saving DACA from many Dreamers themselves, who don’t want any compromise on border security.

The New York Times’ Michael D. Shear and Yamiche Alcindor report, “The pressure from some immigrant activists to reject any compromise that would tighten border security has frustrated Democratic leaders, who recognize the political risks of being labeled the party of open borders — a potentially lethal tag as they seek to regain support from working-class voters across the Midwest.”

The NY Times article itself is entitled “On ‘Dreamers’ Deal, Democrats Face A Surprising Foe: The Dreamers“. Democrats do seem surprised that these illegal aliens, who came across our borders illegal, whose parents made a conscious choice to violate US sovereignty and laws, want to stop all border security.

“Fearful of concessions to Mr. Trump that could increase immigration enforcement aimed at their families and friends, the activists are targeting Democratic congressional leaders with loud political protests. And Democratic politicians may be vulnerable,” the article says. It later added, “But moving too far to the left on border security could hold serious risks for a party that lost the presidency with defeats in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa — all states where immigration remains a hot-button issue.”

Of course, many of the Democrats agree with the Dreamers: they want open borders, regardless of the damage that is done to the nation. They just do not want to admit it. (switching to the Times article itself)

But activists worry that any compromise could carry a very personal price: Their own long-term safety might be secured only in exchange for an increased threat of deportation for their undocumented parents and friends who do not qualify for such protections under the program.

In other words, illegal aliens who should be deported in the first place, but are being protected by Democrats (and some squishy Republicans), want even more illegals to come, and do not want other illegals deported. Including their parents, who committed the “sin” which we keep being told should not be put on the children.

Conservatives want those principles to include a call to limit the number of new legal immigrants and emphasize the entry of high-skilled workers instead of the family members of immigrants already in the country. They want to expand the “E-Verify” system to ensure that businesses do not hire undocumented workers. They are insisting on stepped-up immigration enforcement throughout the country’s interior. And they want Mr. Trump to get his wall along the southern border.

Does this mean that Democrats do not want any of these things that protect America from foreign invasion? Rhetorical

Immigration activists reject such demands as meanspirited and too far-reaching.

Criminals do not get a say. Or shouldn’t, except for the Democratic Party supporting them. And, as Peggy writes in the DC comments

You second mistake is in failing to show gratitude to the American people & “OUR NATION” by marching in our streets carrying the flags of the nation you were born in thus angering the American people and leading them to question your loyalties for a nation that you now lay claim to!

Your third and most offensive mistake is in making demands of a nation that is not yours! All or none??? I say none!

Huzzah. And this is a bed that the Democrats made, and will have to deal with.

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One Response to “Democrats Learn That Open Borders Dreamers Will Be A Problem”

  1. Jeffery says:

    The TEACH typed, again:

    they (Democrats) want open borders, regardless of the damage that is done to the nation.

    The DREAM Act submmitted and resubmitted to Congress by Dems (and some Repubs) does not call for open borders, does it?

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