More On Secure Hosting: URL Fix And RSS Feeds

Reader Michael alerted me to an issue with my RSS feeds today, whereby the feeds did not show any new content dating back to post from Friday about initiating secure SSL. And, he was right. I have my site listed in my Feedly, and it was not showing any new content. Furthermore, if you accessed, there were not even any comments. I started rolling things back, then said “why? Go forward with full SSL implementation.”

So, I have all the correct codes within the htaccess file and the wp-content file, which forces full SSL compliance and shifting, as well as redirecting all calls to go to www. So, no matter what you type, the site should always start with Hopefully.

But, this means that RSS feeds could be going goofy because they will no longer update for any old domain names. If you are nice enough to follow me through RSS (thank you!), you’ll have to do it again. Feedreaders should pick up the new address ( or you can use that one itself.

Sorry, but, I appreciate your patience. So many browsers, especially Firefox, whatever Internet Explorer is calling itself, and Chrome, are going to start giving warnings for non-https websites. Mine will never be fully secure, because of mixed content and using outside photos and links. But, then, I’m not ever going to ask for private information or credit cards.

More: well, maybe the feed isn’t working. This post doesn’t show. Sigh. Trying more things.

Those things aren’t working. The only way I know is to roll it all back to non-https, but, that is going to be needed going forward. Reached out for help via the tech folks at WordPress. Hopefully get an answer soon.

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3 Responses to “More On Secure Hosting: URL Fix And RSS Feeds”

  1. Oldav8r says:

    I am seeing this post. The link to your site that I’ve been using all along is now going to

    • Oldav8r says:

      BTW -I’m using Chrome if that makes any difference.

      • I put in a bit of code that forces all requests to shift to the https://www address, no matter what. It’s interesting that the straight http://thepiratescove didn’t show anything since Friday. It also means that all previous posts and pages will have the https://www. prefix.

        This RSS feed is vexing, though. Firefox will show the previous ten posts before this one. Chrome gives me some seriously weird stuff about XML, shows the posts, and updates, but won’t verify into RSS. Le Sigh.

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