Enabled SSL – Everything Look OK?

I just enabled SSL for the site, after having it up in my backup site for a few weeks. In essence, all the URLs will be https, instead of http. In my WordPress admin panel, it is fully secure, but, some stuff in the actual site will cause the security check to have mixed content, because many things are from the outside, and some is old.

Firefox, Chrome, and many other browsers are kinda forcing this for websites, otherwise you get insecure warnings (like Hillary’s server). You shouldn’t notice any issues, but, if you do, hit me up at my Twitter.

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12 Responses to “Enabled SSL – Everything Look OK?”

  1. JB in NM says:

    Looks good to me in Edge. I enjoy your site and visit often.

  2. g.... says:

    Looks good in Chrome.
    Gotta keep those lefty hotcoldwetdry agitators in line.
    Keep on keepin’ on!!

  3. Dana says:

    Looks OK using Firefox.

  4. Dana says:

    Then again, even using SSL, Jeffrey’s comments keep appearing, and since his thought patterns are very insecure, that might indicate a problem.

    • Jeffery says:

      We used to think the problem with conservatives was just a lack of education and insight, but we came to realize that it’s a deep seated mental ssyndrome. Con Men think differently than normals. The more Right-Wing Authoritarian (RWA) their positions, the more disturbed their thinking. Your white supremacist, neo-Nazi, KKK brethren differ from you quantitatively, not qualitatively. They’re crazy like you, just more so. As Con Men feel more threatened and afraid, they become further RWA. So as Negroes and Mexicans and Muslims (Oh my!) threaten white privilege, you nascent RWAs feel more and more threatened and want to use the power of the state to suppress those that you feel threaten you. There is no reason to think your mental syndrome is curable.

      • david7134 says:

        Got to be one of the stupidest and nasty people ever.

      • Dana says:

        Jeffrey fails with his phraseology:

        Negroes and Mexicans and Muslims (Oh my!)

        Trouble is, you got the syllables wrong. N*****s and Muzzies and Spics (oh my!) fits much better. Please, try to do better.

      • Dana says:

        Then again, p’raps we should examine our resident pill producer’s statement with reason, rather than sarcasm. Jeffrey has absolutely no problem with blacks and Hispanics and Muslims using their race/ethnicity/religion to maximize and gain whatever advantages they can from them, whether it is kid gloves treatment from the credentialed media or preferential treatment in hiring or collegiate admissions. Why, then, shouldn’t heterosexual white Christian men do the same thing?

        If society favors white Christian men for something, why shouldn’t they use being normal white Christian men to take advantage of that? If, for instance, the bank believes that I am a better credit risk because I am a normal, white, Christian man, and I can get a lower interest rate on a loan, why shouldn’t I take that? If some firm believes our esteemed host is a better candidate for a managerial position because he is a normal, white, Christian male, rather than the black, transgender, lesbian woman male under consideration for the same position, why shouldn’t he take the job?

        That, you see, is the problem: if you are going to support some cockamamie form of group rights to favor Negroes and Muslims and gays (Oh, my!), and think that it’s perfectly fine for those groups to use that to get ahead, then, at least if you are intellectually honest, you must concomitantly agree that normal, white Christian males should use whatever advantages they can accrue from their status to get ahead.

        • Jeffery says:

          Spoken like a white christian blessed with all the advantages attendant with his privileged status. It’s a truism that when oppressed peoples demand their rights the oppressors complain of being oppressed.

          The advantages that straight, white christian males use is their white privilege from being the dominant group.

          The flaw in your “reasoning” (such as it is) is that Blacks, Muslims, LGBTs, Jews and Mexicans have some advantages that heterosexual, white, christian males do not.

          • Dana says:

            Except, of course, that with Affirmative Action, minorities (except Jews, from your list, and Asians) do have advantages that normal, white, Christian males do not.

            Regardless, if we have a ‘white privilege,’ why shouldn’t we use it? If you believe that others ought to have some governmentally sponsored, or at least encouraged, advantage conferred upon them, you must, inter alia, be stating that it is right for them to use that advantage. Thus, you must also believe, unless you are a hypocrite, that those who have ‘white privilege’ should use that.

          • Dana says:

            But, in the odious decision of Grutter v Bollinger, in which the Supreme Court accepted that the University of Michigan Law School could continue to favor black applicants, the Court also noted that such otherwise unconstitutionally discriminatory policies must have some sort of ‘sunset’ date. The Court said that in 25 years, they expected that such things would no longer be necessary. The decision was issued on June 23, 2003, which means a sunset on June 23, 2028. That’s now only 10 years, 9 months and 21 days from now.

  5. Jeffery says:

    As we said, equality always feels like oppression to the oppressor class.

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