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Illegal Alien Detentions Up, Deportations Down

Trump needs to put aside a lot of his social media stuff and spend the time getting people in place (USA Today)  Arrests of undocumented immigrants by federal agents increased in June, but deportations fell to their lowest point this year as the nation’s court system sees bigger backlogs, according to data released Monday by […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible carbon pollution fueled grill, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is America’s Watchtower, with a post on an admission from Demonitwit Adam Schiff.

“Scientists” Are Getting Better At Linking (Non-existent) Extreme Weather To ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Extreme weather is not getting worse. In fact, many events linked to climate have decreased. But, that never stops a good talking point Scientists are getting better at linking extreme events, such as wildfires, to climate change The largest B.C. city between Kamloops and Prince George has been evacuated because of wildfires. As people have […]

Reebok Goes Political, Goes After Trump For His Compliments To Macron’s Wife

Here’s a good idea: a shoe and apparel company going political, taking a silly shot at President Trump In case you were wondering when it IS appropriate to say, "You're in such good shape…beautiful,"… THIS: pic.twitter.com/Z1cnnRD8Ut — Reebok (@Reebok) July 14, 2017 (Mediaite) This was an obvious jab at President Trump for his remarks to […]

NY Times Digs Deep To Assault Trump Over (Spins Wheel) Census

I remember an old story, deep in my archives somewhere, about a leftist blogger who would wake up each day in a fit of Bush Derangement Syndrome. She’d grab her non-alcoholic beer at 7am, get her smokes out, and think about how she could be apoplectic over Bush. This seems to much the same as […]

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