State Which Relies On Fossil Fueled Tourism Defies Trump On Paris Climate Agreement Or Something

The primary revenue source for Hawaii is tourism, accounting for roughly 21% of the revenue, which requires people to take mostly fossil fueled flights to the state. Then you have the notion that a goodly chunk of food, building supplies, and other materials are brought in on fossil fueled planes and ships. The military, which uses a lot of FF, provides more revenue. Then, people taking fossil fueled helicopter, boat, car, and bus trips (parts are brought in on FF ships and planes).  And then this

Hawaii defies Donald Trump by backing Paris climate change deal

Hawaii has become the first US state to formally adopt pledges in the Paris Agreement to drastically tackle climate change.

The volcanic island state’s Governor David Ige has signed two landmark laws supporting “the commitments and goals” of the accord.

It makes Hawaii the first state to defy President Donald Trump, who pulled the US out of the treaty signed by 148 other countries.

The first law to come into force is Senate Bill 559, which states that “not only is climate change real, but it is the overriding challenge of the 21st century”.

The bill continues: “Regardless of federal action, the legislature supports the goals of the Paris Agreement to combat climate change and its effects on environments, economies, and communities around the world.”

It commits Hawaii to cutting greenhouse gas emissions by publishing emission contribution levels every five years, promoting “environmental integrity”, conserving forests, wetlands and nature preserves and incentivising companies to be more carbon-neutral

The second law is about creating a certification scheme (good word for it) for farmers to be carbon neutral. All in all, it’s pretty much the norm, a lot of spreading awareness and pledging to be Warmists, rather than really doing something concrete (BTW, all the concrete used for buildings in Hawaii has a high carbon footprint).

Regardless, how is this “defiance?” It doesn’t seem that Trump could care in the least whether a state does this. I guess everything is defiance and resistance and such in the Age Of Trump.

It is amusing that Lefties are suddenly enthused by Federalism and the the 10th Amendment. But, if they really cared, they’d tell all the tourists they can only come if they take trips on non-fossil fueled sailing ships. Hawaii’s real carbon footprint is pretty high as it is.

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One Response to “State Which Relies On Fossil Fueled Tourism Defies Trump On Paris Climate Agreement Or Something”

  1. o0Nighthawk0o says:

    Does that include paying into the slush fund the Paris Accord creates? They are pledging to abide by it and now that it is state law does the other countries now have grounds to sue Hawaii for those funds?

    It is also funny that these states, cities and companies are pledging this crap and proving that the Paris Accord was useless, un-needed and simply a way to redistribute wealth.

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