Goracle: “I Don’t Have A Private Jet”

And he lives as much of a carbon free lifestyle as he can, you guys! During an interview with Jake Tapper, Tapper was good enough to give Al Gore a chance to bloviate (video at the link)

(Real Clear Politics) TAPPER: President Trump has gone after you directly when talking about this issue of climate change.

I want you to — I want to give you an opportunity to respond to something he said…

TRUMP: Al Gore wants to eliminate the combustion engine, essentially, and flies around the world on jets and pushes plans that would help create China, make it stronger…

TAPPER: This is a criticism we hear from conservatives all the time when talking about people like you or Elon Musk or Leonardo DiCaprio, that you, yourself, have a large carbon footprint.

GORE: Yes.

Well, I don’t have a private jet. And what carbon emissions come from my trips on Southwest Airlines are offset. I live a carbon-free lifestyle, to the maximum extent possible.

Notice the weasel language. He doesn’t have a private jet. So, he doesn’t own one. Sure. But, he takes them a lot

Al has been caught numerous times flying on private jets. And, yes, he does sometimes fly commercial (it’s still fossil fueled), but has admitted he also takes private jets.

(Watts Up With That?) Al Gore’s carbon footprint has been a running joke for years – his eye watering home electricity bill, his beachfront mansion, his willingness to fly long distances, to lecture the rest of us about the environmental dangers of flying, the way he made a vast personal profit by selling his TV station to oil interests. You have to almost admire Al Gore’s apparent enthusiasm, for trampling the environmental sensibilities of his green admirers.

Owning multiple homes with lots of bathrooms and pools isn’t exactly living the “green” life. Instead of driving the speed limit, Gore just pays speeding tickets in the form of carbon offsets, which most likely link back to the companies he owns, invests in, and sits on the boards, so, some of that money comes back to him. Instead of practicing what he preaches. And, he’s made himself very rich pushing the climate scam BS.

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One Response to “Goracle: “I Don’t Have A Private Jet””

  1. david7134 says:

    He is carbon neutral as he buys carbon credits to off set his life style, something the unwashed like us can’t do. This climate hoax only set up a global elite royalty and makes the rest of us their peons.

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