Californian’s Are Super Enthused For Single Payer Healthcare, Right Up Till They Have To Pay For It

California continues its push to establish a single payer health system, and, hey, that’s their right. It’s why we have a federalist system, one of State’s Rights. But, um, there’s a bit of a problem. It would cost double the California state budget, to start

Single-payer healthcare is popular with Californians — unless it raises their taxes

Almost two of every three Californians in a new statewide poll said they like the idea of a single-payer, government healthcare system, but far fewer support the idea if it includes a tax increase.

The poll released Wednesday night by the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California found that 65% of adults surveyed support the creation of a single-payer state healthcare program to cover all of the state’s residents, and 56% of likely voters approved of the idea. Opinion was sharply divided between Democrats (75% support) and Republicans (66% oppose) who were surveyed.

The single-payer proposal under consideration in the state Capitol, Senate Bill 562, assumes at least $50 billion in new taxes to fund the healthcare system. Asked about taxes, support drops to 42% of the adults surveyed and 43% of likely voters. While a majority of Democrats in the PPIC poll continued to support the idea if it means more taxes, support drops substantially among unaffiliated “independent” voters.

Yeah, remember this one from the original Ocare debate?

“I was laughing at Boehner — until the mail came today,”….

“I really don’t like the Republican tactics, but at least now I can understand why they are so pissed about this. When you take $10,000 out of my family’s pocket each year, that’s otherwise disposable income or retirement savings that will not be going into our local economy.”

“Of course, I want people to have health care,” Vinson said. “I just didn’t realize I would be the one who was going to pay for it personally.”

Everything’s super duper awesome!!!!!!! right up until you have to pay out the ying yang for it.

The state Senate is expected to consider the single-payer bill before the end of the week. A legislative analysis put the estimated total cost of a new healthcare system that covers all Californians at $400 billion, while an analysis released on Wednesday by supporters provided a $331-billion estimate. The pending legislation by state Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) does not identify what taxes would be raised but makes the enactment of the plan contingent on a full funding proposal.

They have absolutely no idea how they are going to pay for this. The state would have to essentially come with hundreds of billions of dollars. Even if they take all the money that employers pay for health insurance, that still leaves them several hundred billion short. One report supposedly says that single payer will save Californian’s money, but, it’s just shoddy Government Math

The new study estimates it would cost California $331 billion to provide health care to everyone living in the state — less than the $368.5 billion spent today in a system that leaves millions without coverage. To pay for it, they say, the state needs to find $106 billion in annual tax revenue — far less than the Senate committee’s estimate of $200 billion.

So, they estimate it’ll still cost a ton, just less of a ton! Government Math.

Personally, I’m all for the implementation of single payer in California. Let them lead the way in showing how bad the system is. And, as far as the money goes, they’re on their own. When the system collapses, let them deal with the mess.

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  1. Stosh says:

    All the efficiency of the VA system at twice the cost…typical Dem plan

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