‘Climate Change’ To Get Yet Another Image Makeover

If you do a ‘net search, you’ll find millions and millions of hits regarding ‘climate change’ getting an image makeover or something similar. Why? Because, after all these years of spreading awareness, the Cult is dying off, rather than growing. The have to keep pushing ever-more scary prognostications of doom while attempting to indoctrinate kids, using the power of the state. They cannot produce actual proof, so, hey, makeover time!

Climate change to get an image revamp

What does climate change look like?

For many people, the first – or perhaps only – image that comes to mind is of smokestacks, or polar bears perched on ice floes.

“If you go to Google and click on climate change images, you have to go a long way before you hit many images of people,” Adam Corner, research director at Climate Outreach, an Oxford-based think-tank that aims to boost public engagement on climate change, says.

But climate change already is affecting billions of people around the world, from farmers in Zimbabwe experimenting with new crops to battle drought to grandmothers in India who earn cash selling solar home lighting systems, or children coping with a longer allergy season.

Getting more of those people-focused images into the media, into NGO campaigns and into other public communications could help more people identify with the problem, see the opportunities and understand the need for action, Corner said.

So, what to do?

In an effort to widen that narrow view, Corner’s organisation has launched a new portal for climate change images.

Inspired by Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In effort – which has worked to make sure online searches for images of women offer up more than just lingerie models – the Climate Visuals portal showcases a diverse range of climate change photographs drawn from stock photo agencies.

Huh. So, nothing about getting those who believe that the current warm period is mostly/solely caused by mankind to give up their own use of fossil fuels, make their lives carbon neutral, live in itty bitty homes (nothing against them, I love those tiny house shows, especially the one on FYI), do without AC, and so forth? It’s almost like this is a scam, like you see with Scientology.

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