Australia Puts Illegal Aliens On Notice: Prove You’re A Legitimate Refugee

Reading the news, one would think that the only nation in the world with a problem with illegal aliens is America. In fact, many other nations, mostly 1st World ones, have issues, and most have more serious laws and enforcement than America. Try and stay illegally in Mexico? You’re in for a rough ride. If you’re lucky, they’ll just deport you. If not, you could end up in one of their horrendous jails.

Australia has long been restrictive on who is allowed to come to their nation, and have had a short fuse for those who unlawfully present. Now

(Daily Caller) Australia has given illegal immigrants until Oct. 1 to prove they are legitimate refugees or face deportation from the country.

Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton announced a crackdown Sunday on “fake refugees” who arrived illegally by boat. Dutton said 7,500 out of the 50,000 people who have arrived by boat in recent years refused to provide any documents of their identity.

“Those people who are fake refugees – people who are refusing to provide detail about their claim of protection … we are going to set a deadline for those people, and we have set that deadline for the end of this year in October,” Dutton said, according to 9 News.

Dutton said “fake refugees” cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars each year — money he would rather spend elsewhere.

“This is a very serious situation that’s costing Australian taxpayers hundreds of millions dollars a year — money that could be spent on education, on health, on police, on other services in the community,” he said. “If people think they can rip the Australian taxpayer off, if people think that they can con the Australian taxpayer, then I’m sorry, the game’s up.”

Every nation has the right to enact immigration policies that make the country better and to safeguard its citizens. In fact, governments have a duty to do so. Being compassionate should start with the legal citizens of a nation first. What we’ve seen all too often over the past decade(s) is people coming to nations, both legally and illegally, who want nothing to do with assimilating into those countries, while demanding that the nations change for them. Demands that the government give them food, money, healthcare, shelter, education, and so much more. There doesn’t seem to be much of a “thank you.”

Australia is also changing their legal work visas to put Australian workers first.

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