With No Other Problems Pending, Sweden Looks To Bring In Climate Law

Wait, I thought Sweden was a hotbed of uber-Progressive leftists who would have been thrilled to voluntarily implement carbon neutral measures within their own lives? No?

Sweden set to bring in climate law by 2018

Sweden is set to have a climate law in effect by 1 January 2018 under plans announced by the prime minister on Thursday.

Stefan Lofven told media government was introducing legislation to put into action a cross-party agreement for the country to go carbon neutral by 2045.

Influenced by the UK’s Climate Change Act, but with a more ambitious trajectory, it will set out a series of carbon budgets to phase down greenhouse gas emissions.

“This is the most important reform of our generation politicians will do for Sweden’s young people, our children and grandchildren,” said Lofven. “Sweden will be one of the world’s first fossil-free developed countries.”

On one hand, Sweden is wise by getting so much of its power already from nuclear and hydropower, and plans to use more. On the other, they plan on lots of draconian big government policies and restrictions, but, then, the Swedes should be loving this, right?

But, really, considering how many problems Sweden is having from the large influx of Muslims, who have brought their 3rd world 14th century ideas with them, you know, things like raping women is fine, gays should be whipped and hung, women must cover up, Shariah law, all the crime, etc, Sweden might want to consider this real problem over the ginned up and fake issue of anthropogenic climate change.

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4 Responses to “With No Other Problems Pending, Sweden Looks To Bring In Climate Law”

  1. Dana says:

    If Sweden wishes to do this, I’m fine with it. All it will do is make Volvos less competitive in the American market.

  2. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Volvos are competitive? Who knew?

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